Bloem Flamingos, Water Cans, More

ok so 1 watering can for $22 but TEN for $90 ??
Seems kind of silly - people won’t buy for $22 each whey they are so cheap in a bundle – nor will they buy in a bundle of 10 because, well it’s TEN freakin’ watering cans. I predict these don’t sell very well.

and furthermore MSRP for 1 is $40 and MSRP for 10 is $180… something doesn’t add up!

What’s a person do with 10 watering cans?

You’d need to be some sort of a polydactyl octopus to use them all.

I do need a watering can but not for $28 after shipping+taxes! I can buy one at HD for under $5!

Re: Grecian urns w/ pedestal, what’s the height of pedestal? is the pedestal is sold separately?

I did a search but couldn’t find out if the base of the bird baths can be filled with something like sand or gravel to make them more stable. Anyone know? I live in one of the windiest cities in the US and things need to be heavy to not constantly topple over.

Never mind. The reviews at HD are terrible saying that the plastic is so thin that it buckles under the weight of the water. Plus it’s only 2 feet, 1 inch tall.


Yeah. It looks like overpriced kitsch is not selling. This may be one of the most underwooted sales ever. As of 3:40 ET, only two people have bought the 10-pack of flamingos, for instance.

ThunderThighs, are you out there?
Someone might want to double check the height woot has listed for the Grecian urns with the pedestal. No way is it less than 15 inches high. I may be bad at math, but I can see if the diameter of the bowl is 18", just by the look of the pedestal it’s much taller than woot’s description

Over on the 'Zon the description reads:
" A perfect transition from classic Greece to Americas Garden Scene with this Pedestal Urn. The Grecian series combines the natural look of stone with the durability and economy of polypropylene. 18-inch diameter. Dimensions;. Length: 17.625. Heigth: 31.5. Width: 17.625"

I’m not surprised. A 10-pack of 27" Flamingos are only $30 at Home Depot. Been wanting to pick up a flock to turn them into Vultures for Halloween: