cherry blossom in Japanese is “sakura”

just fyi

Wow, that is a gorgeous design. Nicely done.

Remember, though art mortal.

Shouldn’t that be thou? Or did you combine thou and bough?

Love this shirt, wish it was on cream…but it won’t stop me from buying it!

The only thing missing from this picture is the Gin and Bob Ross.

And before you ask, shirts have been $12 sine Jan 15th.

I think that I’ll wear this to the Cherry Blossom Festival this year in Washington, D.C. Quite pretty!

It’s also an excellent Japanese Sushi and Steakhouse eatery!

Bloody hair? What bloody hair?

How much do you want to bet that someone will still ask? :slight_smile:

Wasn’t expecting to see this today, thanks woot voters! :slight_smile:

$12 :slight_smile:

One for my wife. I think this is the most excited she has ever been about a woot shirt. Nice work Ramyb.

If you really want to preempt the questions, you’d link to the blog. :tongue:

I don’t think they look alike at all, this one has more of a minimalist look. You can’t compare every shirt with a Cherry Blossom Tree on it to this one, that would be almost all of them, unless they had a figure or writing on them.

One could spend a lifetime in search of the perfect blossom and not lead a wasted life:

This is soooooo pretty. I love cherry blossoms and water color! I would get it if it weren’t white or I weren’t horribly prone to staining white shirts :frowning:

Ah I thought this one might place. Woot does like trees. =D