Blow Your Refund On Watches!

I’ve never priced them because they are out of my budget, but those NOA watches are super cool. Beloved by watch enthusiasts. Based on ETA movements. You can find good reviews on watch forums E.g.

If you want to spend a thousand dollars on a watch it’s not a bad choice. :slight_smile:

What’s the deal with the crown on the left? Watches for lefties who want to wear their watch on their right hand?

Once upon a time (well, 12 years ago) you could get an automatic Breitling for $1,000 (well, their bottom of the line automatic). I still love mine :slight_smile:

The cost of getting my taxes done is around $3 more than my actual refund. >.>;

NOA watches aren’t worth $100 and no WIS would touch one. Cheap ETA movements and clunky Chinese cases “assembled in Switzerland”. No thanks. I’ll spend my $1000+ watch money on a used Omega.

A wise wooter once explained that it’s not unusual for large case diameter watches to have the crown on the left so you’re not grinding it into you wrist every time you bend you hand back.

buy the breitling so you don’t have to wear your good watch every day #firstworldproblems

That Breitling is calling my name.

Careful with the Breitling! The reference number they are advertising as selling is for the version with the rubber strap, not the steel bracelet as pictured.

Where’s the Casios?

You can get a pretty sweet used Omeaga for $1000 I’m sure. That said the ETA 2892 movement alone is over $300 at Otto Frei so I’m not sure where your accounting is coming from.

No watch that uses a quartz movement is worth more than a few hundred dollars. If you like to wear a badge on your wrist that says *I have more money than common sense *then these are your watches. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure which one you were looking at, but the one I posted the review for is an automatic chronograph.

This is one of the oddest opinions I keep seeing here, and I can’t even begin to agree.

It totally ignores the rest of the watch and pretends only the movement has value? What about materials and workmanship? What if the dial has 10+ layers that takes one person days to put together? That has no value? What if the watch is solid gold, like some of the 1970s quartz Omegas that used to be very popular? It can be made from $3,000 in gold, but be only worth a few hundred bucks by your logic?

Sorry, quartz has its place. It tends to be more accurate and easier/cheaper to maintain than a mechanical. If I’m wearing a suit, I’m wearing quartz, since it will be so much slimmer and a chunky watch looks bad underneath a sleeve and jacket. And if you don’t have a daily-wear watch, which I’d say you shouldn’t, it’s nice to know one or two are always going to have the right date and time without you needing to change it.

The entire “no quartz watch is worth over $200!” argument just holds absolutely no weight.

That’s the cost of the movement without the 2050 chronograph module, too.

ETA makes some crap movements. The 2892 is not a crap movement. It’s considered their upscale movement, and considered better than Rolex in-house movements, which may or may not impress everyone but speaks well to its value.

No thanks. I’ll stick with my scrolling L.E.D. Chinese watch that I got for $5 shipped! You’re not going to believe this…but it tells time…just like these other ones!

I’m not saying I know anything about watches, but I do have a minor Target-budget watch fetish.

So what makes a watch worth $4000 if it’s not made of gold and diamonds?

I’m asking a serious question. For instance, I think the Skagen super slim watches look great and they’re $90. I also thing some Tag Heuers look great too, but they’re $2000.

So why are these watches worth thousands of dollars?

And yes, I’m left handed and wear my watch on my right hand, so I think the stem on the left is a good thing. And I’ve never smashed my wrist every time I bend my hand.

Agreed. The 2892 is a top notch movement. And dubois depraz is my favorite chrono module specialist. This is really good guts wrapped in a no-name brand.