BLT: Together Forever

The order on the shirt is more like a TBL instead of a BLT.

But…if the food looks so cute, how am I supposed to eat it?

Very nice! Just add George Foreman and some mayo and we’re got ourselves a party!

This is some happy looking food, it must not know it’s gonna be in my belly in about 10 seconds!

Gotta have the mayo

Looks like they were going for suggestive rather than correct order. :wink:

Also, why is the bacon raw?

i do love BLTs…

Oh, Woot, why must you taunt me?

Sorry, Alison, but it’s only going to be 7 out of 8 here. :frowning:


I’ve read the police blotter on this one guys.

This photo was taken mere moments before tragedy struck. Tomato was cut into thin slices and Lettuce was finely chopped. Only Bacon remained unharmed, but he is now sought by the police as a “person of interest” in the case.

I prefer mustard.

While I can appreciate Doomcat’s expressive cartooning style, I’ve personally had my fill of anthropomorphic food shirts at Woot (no pun intended.)

Together Forever…in my belleh.

Needs avocado!

That must be baby lettuce, because if not… DAMN that’s a huge slice of bacon!

bought one, only because i love BLTs and look good in green :wink:

Mayo, with a small amount if mustard.

that bacon needs some cookin! get back in the frying pan you jumbo slice of bacon

I’m offended that the artist’s hometown says “Ontario, Canada” Ontario is not a town at all, its the whole damn province!