BLT: Together Forever

Classic gallows humor!


We just put what they tell us. Could be the artist didn’t want to be more specific. The term “hometown” is probably hard-coded.

I’ll squint my eyes, tilt my head to the side a little, and pretend that nasty little tomato is a pepper, and then we’ll talk :slight_smile:

I was thinking that the whole thing might be a problem going down easy…That sammie clearly needs some reconstruction. Who can fit a whole head of lettuce, a whole tomato, and the afore mentioned raw bacon in thier tummy. I also like a slice of bread on top, unless this is a sub/roll type thing.

This is making me hungry, and I’m still buying the shirt cuz I love me some BLT’s (no mayo, no mustard, maybe a little butter).

So cute. And now so hungry. Should that sequence of thought worry me?

^ This :slight_smile:

This shirt should be 5 dollars.

I just noticed the little tongue sticking out of lettuce’s mouth, that’s my trademark! Too cute! They’re just so damn happy!

LOL, great design! Will you be my BLT? I like the sound of that but I do prefer my bacon a little more crispy :slight_smile:

Isn’t anyone tired of these cutesy, meme, and “lolnerd” shirts?

Whatever happened to the great woot shirts, like Nevermore?

Sometimes I wonder who is voting for the Derby winners.

It’s (sadly) still here.

This is a daily, selected by the Woot staff, not a derby winner selected by Wooters.

“Maybe it’s just my opinion, but BLT was it was the greatest anthropomorphic food sitcom in history up to a point.”

That sentence should probably read, “Maybe it’s just my opinion, but BLT was the greatest anthropomorphic food sitcom in history up to a point.”

I don’t know about you guys but I think that bacon thickness should be standard.

This is, sadly, the first time i have spotted a grammatical error in a write-up. Sad day.

Still, I. Wonder

por que sin mayonesa? RIP baby girl. Still bought one in her memory. And none of that miracle whip neither. Sacharin and syrup have no place betwixt bread. Much like the Nerf Corporation, it is Duke’s or nothing in my family. North cacakalak representin’.

Sandwich shirts? Is the recipe on the back?
I’ll wait for the Hot Brown Sandwich.

They’re happy now… But not once you chop them up and chomp on them!