Blu-rays for Single Dudes




Well, for starters, no self-respecting Dude should be without ‘The Big Lebowski’ on Blu-Ray…


Road House if for the ladies (ooh la la Mr. Swayze)


WOW, I own 10/13 of those titles. I have seen all 13 and have watched each no less than 20 times over the years. I haven’t seen Basic Instinct since HBO in 93. But I do remember I owned the VCR and there is one scene I know I watched about 100 times and made the tape useless from over play and pause. LOL

I was in my early 20’s and in love with Sharon Stone. SO BACK OFF. Where is TOTAL RECALL?


I thought you be bigger… THAT WHAT SHE SAID!


Other than Basic Instint each is a classic.

If I had to choose 4.
Big Lebowski

Dam that 4th one is tough.
But I would lean toward…


Just a classic that I watch everytime I am channel surfing. Hell I watched it yesterday and it still holds up strong. Just a GREAT MOVIE. HANS GRUBER!

That would be a great weekend movie marathon. I have seen each of these movies in the past 2 months. That is how good they are. The only one I haven’t seen in about a year is the Dirty Dozen, which is a great war movie. Watch that with the BIG RED ONE, for a great WWII weekend.

I own 12 of 13 of these, and 8 on bluray. I rarely buy disc anymore, thanks to streaming. But if you don’t have Netflix, Amazon Prime, premium Uverse, iPad, etc… GO FOR IT.



How about another category, “Movies For Guys With Brains?”

I’d suggest Funeral in Berlin, Enemy Mine, The Tall Blond Man With One Red Shoe (French version), Groundhog Day, War Of The Worlds (1954 version). Oh yeah, IRON SKY! (Now on Netflix!!!)


you would think Woot would be kind enough to know that some of the single dudes want to look at porn not scarface


we now see what kind of respect woot has for single men- none!!! some porn wouldn’t hurt even the wife will watch it if i said look what woot was selling…


Not to mention it is often only $9.99 with free shipping on Best movie ever.


I started reading this listing of available films and couldn’t help but just think of lines from the films. In example:

-“Well, that’s like, totally your opinion man”
-“All I have in this world is my…”
-“Roundhouse Kick!
-“Just there the barbarians huddle, sheer terror gripping tight their hearts with icy fingers… knowing full well what merciless horrors they suffered at the swords and spears of three hundred. Yet they stare now across the plain at ten thousand Spartans commanding thirty thousand free Greeks! HA-OOH!”
-All of the opening 44 minutes of Full Metal Jacket
-…it had Rodney Dangerfield. Every line is a quote.
-“Do I sound like I’m trying to order a Pizza?”
-“I didn’t say that it would be easy, Neo. I just said that it would be the truth.”
“You’re a bum, Rock!”
-“You like playing games don’t you?”
-“He ain’t pretty no more”
-It’s Lee Marvin.


even the wife like is sometime- woot lump it you started this topic


Can’t watch Road House without thinking of Bill Murray. Which makes it all that much more awesome.


These movies are in the $7.00 bin at WALMART!! How are these, Plus Tax, and PLUS 5.00 SHIPPING, any cheaper? They’re not, go to walmart and get them, you’ll save at least $5.00 per title on shipping alone.


The Dude abides.


Where’s Fight Club?


Are they Blue Ray?


The matrix is $9 on amazon with free prime shipping. How is this a good deal


There are a few of these movies in three packs on Amazon for 10. Just look around.