BLU Studio 5.0 LTE GSM Unlocked Phones

$111.05 with free Prime shipping on the mothership. How is this a deal?

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Is this the same phone?

Make sure that you check that this will be supported by your provider, I use verzion does not support this divice.

I purchased three different Blu phones which included this model. This one died within a very short period of time. A replacement phone was sent by Blu, which turned out to be a refurb. It died within 24 hours. One of the others never worked properly and the last is functioning but not without periodic issues. Customer service was a joke and slow to respond. Buyer beware…

no, the Amazon linked one is a step own on stats (this one has 8gb internal vs 4gb for example). I had the non LTE version of this of this one and really liked it. I wanted full LTE speeds so I grabbed a Fire phone on sale but if I had not I would be all over this. Just a note, on the specs page it says 16gb ram but it is only 1gb per features.

16 GB of ram? get out of here.

This is a tough sell, even at $109, given the fact the Studio HD version is only $20 more and comes with a better screen and camera…

But at least this IS the LTE version. Definately don’t get the 3G version (which doesn’t even support HSPA 42!)

Great site if you want to check if the phone will work with your carrier and what bands.

No surprise, Woot isn’t the deals site it used to be. Now it’s more like those super special “2.3% off” deals.

Hey Woot! any guarantee you’ll send this if I pay you for it? You haven’t sent the last thing I ordered even though It’s been since early June and I’ve repeatedly inquired about when it will arrive.

Get off your butts and get the damned thing done.

J Puckett
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You know, I ordered a shirt that arrived damaged, and they said they “sent another one” but when I asked about tracking because it didn’t arrive, they just refunded my money (which isn’t what I wanted, I wanted the shirt). Also, I don’t use the credit card they refunded the payment to any more so now I just have a negative balance on my credit card… so that’s fun.

Customer service isn’t what it used to be.

Yup I was here from the early beginning… you would fight to stay up late in order to get the one item on sale for that day… [posted 1AM EST]Customer service was good but slow only because it was maybe a handful of people running the site but when I did have a problem they fixed it. Now I just come here like any other deal sight not expecting too much… oh well…

I miss the old woot!

Who ever typed in the description doesn’t know about phones. The Amazon link says it has 1 GB which makes sense. It’s really a typo, Internal Memory, rather than RAM

Ahh, the good old days, before they sold out.

Does not have the proper bands to fully support T-Mobile’s LTE (bands 2, 4, 12) so you may have spotty coverage…

I bought a Blu Studio HD LTE phone several months ago on sale from Staples, it has a 13 MP camera but, other than that, I think its very similar to this Woot one.

I have it attached to the Ting service, its a very cheap pay as you go network.

I was very disappointed it the battery life of it. I don’t have many app’s on it and put it in ‘airplane mode’ and was lucky to get the battery to last 15-16 hours with it just sitting idle with the screen off.

I complained to Blu about it. To get a message to them thru their web page, they wanted all kinds of address/date of purchase/etc info just to get a message to them. Their super helpful response to my critique was "WOW what kind of battery life do you get when you are NOT in airplane mode?’ like I had sent a compliment to them about it.

Needless to say, I was pretty disappointed in the phone and Blu’s support.

Oh, and I agree with you all who miss the old simple Woot.

So So True. I keep checking here out of habit.

Will this phone work with my Mistress? I need it to make and deliver calls without anyone else finding out.