Blue Angry Bird Infant Bodysuit



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Blue Angry Bird Infant Bodysuit
$5.99 + $5 Standard OR $8 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Why have a KidsWoot if you’re going to fill up the original Woot with toys and baby stuff? C’mon!


When did this turn into kid woot?


Inb4 baby.woot


Now this is the kind of gear your baby needs! Get 'em hooked early on technology.


I agree, I don’t think this belongs outside KidsWoot.


Hopefully someone likes angry birds better than ducks .

and a BIG thanks to those who either bought out the ducks or to the woot powers that be that sent them on their way.


Don’t touch the baby unless you want triplets!


Oh thank goodness, I thought there was going to be more crap.

And to think they picked the most neutral bird in the whole bunch.


Onesies should come in adult sizes… I would totally rock one of those.




You missed the ForeverLazys, didn’t you? :frowning:


Bodysuit of Cotton??


Woot used to be really good.


This is great…

(or in)


I would die of heatstroke in one of those Forever Lazy things. I want an adult onesie!!


Soft 100% cotton knit no less! I think you win the thread!


“No matter how tempting it is, don’t throw your kid at people dressed like green pigs.”

OK I can manage to control myself. But how am I supposed to get the kid to stop throwing actual green pigs at me? Hmmm?
You started it with your angry bird bodysuits Woot. You’ve been prematurely corrupting my child… I haven’t even had a chance get started on that chapter of Raising Babies for Dummies.


I found this real-world field test: