Blue Coolers 72 Hour Backpack Survival Kit

Blue Coolers 72 Hour Backpack Survival Kit

Weren’t these in the Woot-off last week? Anyone get theirs and has opinions?


None of them survived.


I got one 2-3 weeks ago for 50¢ less or something. It is what it says, I wouldn’t trust my survival on it solely, but it’s a great counterpart to my other go bag with better emergency sleeping bags, a knife, foldable shovel, fire starters, glow sticks, ammo, etc. You can probably source the individual stuff and maybe get it a little cheaper, but the prepacked bag is nice.


Marketing 101 in light of current world events.
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I’ve always found a ready-made kit USUALLY doesn’t go for the slightly-better-quality items you DO buy if you roll-your-own. AND if you haven’t established sources for stuff, you’ll be way behind when it comes to duplicating your stash, let alone trying to replace items you’ve used up. Last, a deal like this is not the place to stock up on water; you have a LOT of variations in choice, quantity, etc.


Does it come with a Donna Summers sound track?

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21 ounces of water for five days? I’m already thirsty.

I got this with the $20 discount pointless push promotion. Limited to just 20 people I grabbed the first thing I saw that interested me. Never did I think I stood a chance to be in the first 20. Imagine my amazement and surprise to see the checkout process complete :grin:

You made my day Woot!