Blue Microphone USB Mics

Bought one and it waqs delivered last week. So far so good. But does anyone know how to get the light to be “violet” like it says?

Where do you see that?

Great price but sold out. How many was able to buy at this price #39.99? I missed out.

For real, I missed it during the last woot off and have been watching to get one!

i had the same issue with the tiki. there is a metal flap on the end opposite the usb plug. underneath the flap is a button that changes the mode. you’re supposed to press the metal flap to change modes. on the microphone i received, the metal flap was smashed against the button, so it was in a state of being constantly pressed down. i had to pry the flap open a bit before the button worked.

GAAAAHHHH!!! I pretty much check Woot for the sole purpose of buying a Yeti Pro. I don’t check for two days and they’re all gone!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!! sob

How often do these show up on woot?

They’ve had them every 3-4 months or so. Hopefully they see how quickly they sold out and give us more soon