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Now I can feel like a radio DJ with the added pressure of a newscaster! Look at that huge honking microphone!

Review at 2 Wired 2 Tired

another review at Slash Gear

Blue makes excellent microphones. In fact, I just ordered one last week from amazon at many times this price. Their Yeti mic is the only THX certified USB mic on the market.

Considering picking this up to replace my logitech cam.

YouTube review


Not a techie guy at all but if my cell phone has an 8 meg camera how happy am I going to be with a 2meg webcam ? Could some tech wizard address that, please.

Your 8 megapixel cell phone camera will likely only record video at 1024 x 768 or some other relatively low resolution (maybe 720p if you’re lucky). You only get the full 8 MP for still photos.

I bought this webcam/mic last year, and it has already literally fallen to pieces. I loved the mic quality, but the video was not the greatest. I get a better picture using my MacBook or HP laptop webcams. The most frustrating thing about this webcam was the precarious way it had to perch atop my monitor. It was constantly sliding and never cooperated. One day, it literally fell apart. It is in about 5 pieces now, and some of those cannot be reattached.

I paid about $100 for this webcam, and I WOULD NOT buy it again. And that’s a shame, because it looks cool and I really WANTED to like it.

Any info on linux compatibility? A quick google didn’t show anything either way.
Edit-neither does another 15 minutes of googling. le sigh.

Here’s the manual.

From the specs-Super HD video: high-definition video resolution (up to 1600 x 1200), performance up to 30 FPS
Your 1080 TV most likely does video at 1920x1080. This does video at 1600x1200. So, it’s not too different. (comparing to tv rather than cell phone cos you said nothing about what video your cell does.)
Honestly, megapixels isn’t the thing to worry about with regards to images, it’s sensor size and quality. But that’s a whole big block o’ text thing I’m not gonna get into.

A) Megapixels are not the only measure of image quality.
B) How much does one really need for online chatting? 2 Mp is plenty.

I work for a poker video training website and the official mics they send everyone are of this type (sans the webcam). The sound quality is great and if you have it sitting on your desk a foot or two in front of you it works great.

If you’re on a business trip and chatting with your lovely fiance, you want resolution. If you’re a mom looking to see if your college student is eating healthy…

Better have that bandwidth, though.

Should I stop drawing to those inside straights?

Don’t want…Don’t need…In for two!

Within the Amazon reviews is a video review taken with the webcam/mic itself.

Video review

I suggest watching and listening to what he has to say before making a final decision.

I’m in for 1. It’s worth the gamble, considering it’s only $20.

I own the Blue Snowflake (1.0, I guess?), which seems to be priced at about $50 right now. I use it for recording acoustic guitar, and the sound is satisfactory. I haven’t recorded voice with it but I’m sure it sounds great for podcasts and the whatnot. The microphone produces great voice quality for Skype as well. Although I can’t attest to it, the webcam does seem fairly decent, and it should work nicely with Skype.

The only thing I have to comment on is the absurd design of the hardware itself. The stand is awkward per se, and I cannot attach it to my desktop monitor because it doesn’t fit. :[

Although awkwardly, the entire assembly does manage to fit snugly together, making transport painless.

Connectivity is a breeze. The assembly works great as a simple USB microphone.

If you’re still trying to figure out whether or not I’m telling you to buy this product, consider that:

  • it’s new

  • and it’s only $25!

  • and last but not least, WOOT-OFF!

I have a Blue Bluebird that I use for acoustic guitar and vocals and a Blue Snowball for podcasts and misc. recording. Audio quality and build are excellent on both. I’m adding 2 of these to the arsenal for quick and dirty You Tube clips. For the price it’s worth a shot.