Blue Microphones Eyeball 2.0 Webcam

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Blue Microphones Eyeball 2.0 Webcam
$19.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Do we have to use our own eyeball or can we borrow the neighbor’s?

this could be one of the dumbest thing’s I’ve ever seen lol

How gay is that?

Nice, but only 2 megapixels. I can do as good at Big Lots for about 12 bucks.


Product website

Did you mean hooptie?

I use this as a mic for online gaming voicechat. works very well!

I got one of these refurbished in a previous woot. Before everybody starts asking about the camera resolution, let me just tell you that you should NOT buy this for the camera. It’s just a regular, crappy webcam. What you’re buying here is a high quality Blue microphone. If you podcast or do your own amateur recording, this mic is GREAT. Definitely the best mic you can get for 25 bucks.

I have one, from one of the woot family of sites, I forget which. Great audio quality, good video quality, neat fold-up and storage, only drawback I can think of off the top of my head is that, really, the best way to use it is to set it on a flat surface. It doesn’t balance well on an LCD monitor.

Does anyone know if this will work with a 64bit version of Windows7? I have an older Logitech webcam that only works with 32bit, and I’m looking to replace it … but that’s (obviously) a pretty important factor.

Review at 2 Wired 2 Tired

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YouTube review


The camera is extremely lacking, but the microphone does a great job of picking up highs and lows.

Here’s the manual.

Blue microphones eyeball webcam on Linux review

Nice idea. Only down side is that if I bought it then I would be going for the webcam portion…got the webcaster from woot a few months back. Don’t need to buy a car to get an ashtray, ya know!?

I think I will pass and take my smart alek comments somewhere else…now where did my wife go!

it’s not blue color?

I love mine! It works great with my Mac. Too bad, I paid $60 for it!

Would this work for podcasting?