Blue Microphones Snowball Pro Quality USB Mic: 4 Colors


Please see my comments on the Yeti. I also have a Snowball and prefer the sound of the Yeti (at least for my voice…that’s the kicker).

Both a good units for the money, but if you can pop the extra $30 for the Yeti, I’d go that way.

However, this does not mean the Snowball is any slouch.

I use a snowball every day. It is an awesome microphone, and a steal at this price. The yeti was too sensitive for my needs, it often picked up environmental sounds that my listeners found very distracting.

I concur that the Yeti is better for vocals, but I’ve had much better results with the Snowball when recording instruments (specifically piano, clarinet and saxophone) or musical performances. I picked up a shockmount and pop filter from the mothership for about $50, and record using Garageband.

Yeah, I know NOTHING about recording music, my advice only pertains to voice recording, and I suggest others listen to you on music recording advice!

I found it a bit odd that I could order this in silver, black, green, or orange… but not BLUE!
Does the Yeti come in white?

Yes,I have one.

Where are you seeing the Yeti for $30 more? I can’t find it anywhere for anywhere near the Snowball price.

The Yeti was being sold on Woot alongside the Snowball earlier today, but the listing was removed once it sold out.

boo, that was a really good deal then. The snowball is the same price on amazon.

It was here earlier, but sold out at $79.95. Hopefully Woot will get more.

is it the same snowball or the iCE model? they are quite a bit different in features and quality.