Blue Microphones Snowball USB Mic

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I see from Blue’s page that the iCE version is the cheaper version, but what’s the difference here on Woot between the $49.99 “Pro” and the $39.99 (non-iCE) model? Is the extra $10 just for colors?

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I own one of these and use it a lot for Teamspeak, skype and recording. The USB cable on mine has some connect issues that makes the computer not take it but it only happens every so often and you can fix it with unpluging and repluging. Its a real good mic for the price, I love mine and Blue is really good with their customer service.

If you can’t get a Yeti or something else grab one of these, I high recommend them. Might get me one before this sale goes off for a backup or travel Mic.

I’ve got the same question. Anyone?

  1. Snowball is Omnidirectional, versus ICE is only Cardiod
  2. Snowball has 2 condenser capsules and ICE has one

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Actually, the question was about the White NON-iCE model. It’s a moot point now though since the white has sold out.