Blue Microphones Yeti USB Mic - 2 Colors

Nice to see this here! I just read about it on Marco Arment’s podcasting mic review, and I wanted it!

Great price.

the pro will work on your ipad if you have the camera connection kit from apple.

With an undergraduate degree in broadcasting, when I was looking for a multipurpose mic for work, I wanted something that would serve every purpose I could have for it,and yet cost under $100. So I bought one of these Yeti microphones 2+ years ago here on Woot for the same price - oh my god it’s amazing! I use it everyday at work to dictate my notes- with dragon naturally speaking - I am an academic advisor and must record notes for each meeting I have with students! Anyway it’s amazing I am able to record podcasts and audio projects, as well as work with Skype and Microsoft Lync all without using a headset that makes my ears sweat and my head itch! I love it and I’m buying a second one for here at home!

Proud owner. I loved it so much I bought a second one the next time it went on sale just for when this first one breaks someyear!

Been using it for years already at this point and it is by far the best mic I’ve ever used.

The blue yeti is an amazing microphone, its like you’re talking face to face with the person (no distortion, dampening echo).

That being said I just want to warn people it is insanely sensitive. If you can hear a noise, so can it. That means it hears the person talking two rooms over, it catches someone sneezing at the end of the hall, and it picks up your dog barking at the other end of the house.

That’s on the lowest gain.

I use one of these mics to record music, and it’s just amazing. It was pretty much just plug and press record with my music software. Best of all, the microphone has five different adjustable pick-up patterns that allows you to customize its abilities to your changing needs. The thing even has a headphone jack that functions as a zero latency monitor, a critical feature when recording multitrack music. Get this mic.


Will these work on a cell phone when you are making a video?

FYI, it doesn’t seem to play well with Windows 10. A clean install of 10 solves the problem for some.

You say this works with Skype w/o a headset…is there not a problem with feedback from the speakers to the Yeti?


That was a great review of mics and I loved his wife’s poems!

Unhesitatingly recommended. I have been in commercial broadcasting since 1980 and still do some on air work.

I host/produce a one-hour prerecorded show that airs on a Catholic network and also some commercial stations. It’s also online.

Today’s show is a perfect example of using this mic. The bishop I work with had limited time, and we were to do a back-and-forth account of the priests that responded to 9/11 (today is the anniversary).

Because of time constraints, for the back-and-forth, he recorded in the studio on a nice Electrovoice mic and I went home to finish the show and record my part direct to PC using the Yeti.

The show is online today (Friday) as a free MP3 that you can download. It’s the center part of the show with the two mics used, easy to spot. Listen to the bishop and then to me and compare.

There are 172 shows, newest at the top. No email or registration is needed to access the shows. It’s there now.

PS: I just ordered one as a spare.

For those looking at this for Skype or similar, I swear by the ClearOne Chat 50 speakerphone. The microphone is also incredibly sensitive and I’ve had people complain about kitchen noises in another room and “loud” street activity 12 floors down. The critical part is that the speakerphone is full duplex meaning both you and the other parties can speak at the same time and the mic will cancel out any echo from it’s own speaker. Not sure if a separate speaker and microphone like this Yeti can coordinate like that.

OTOH, if you are solely looking for a high quality recording device, then clearly the Yeti is superior.

Good point. I put a foam cover over it, a “popper stopper” screen in front and use an acoustic curved foam unit in back. Your room environment is very important.

I just got one not two days ago on Amazon Flash sale @ $99. Figures they would have it on woot right after that. Definitely a steal at this price.

Why tempt me Woot, I don’t need a professional quality mic yet I just bought one.

Went with the yeti due to the heavy duty base and the fact that this review said $50.00 was the price for the snowball when he reviewed them both.
Snowball Vs Yeti review youtube

WOOT claim 2 year warranty but why they do not appear on list of authorized dealers / distributors on Blue’s website?

We buy directly from Blue so we’re pretty authorized. Our buyer will ask Blue to update their list.

I can’t decide between the blue yeti or the monoprice large diaphragm usb microphone they are both priced similar to each other but nobody ever has a comparison