Blue Nomad Bright Light White Wine (6)

Blue Nomad Bright Light 2010 White Wine 6-Pack
$59.99 (Normally $72.00) 17% off List Price
2010 Bright Light, Dry California White Wine
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Previous offer (2009)

Wine Enthusiast seems to like it, gives it an 87:

Blue Nomad is the same Gun-Bun vanity label that produced Rockus Bockus and Swami Pinot Noir.

Albariño from Monterey County, Chardonnay & Gewürztraminer from Sonoma County.

Sounds like a nice mix!

Yes, sounds very good. Any wooter reviews from previous offerings?

Previous offer (this vintage):

Admitted wine newb here, so please excuse what may be a silly question…

I tend to drink, almost exclusively, mid-range Rieslings (not too sweet, not too dry, not too tart). The Radog Santa Lucia Highlands from a few weeks back hit the mark perfectly. What are the chances I’d like this one?

Any advice, or other recommendations, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Can’t help you with your question as I haven’t had this wine. However, I just wanted to tell you, this is NOT a stupid question. Asking for comparisons is a great way to learn and see expand into new wines.

I’m guessing you won’t. It’s a blend without any Riesling in it. And it’s possibly dry.

But always make an effort to try things that are not in your typical wine wheelhouse sometimes you’ll discover you like things that you never would have tried otherwise.

I opened one up last night that I got from the last offering. I would equate this as the white Rockus Bockus, meaning a delicious table wine that is meant to be enjoyed by all. It’s not a bottle that you think you have to love because of the cost. I got 6 last time; thinking of a case from this offering. For 10 bucks a bottle it’s a guilt free purchase. And don’t forget to stack on some Scott Harvey magnums with the $5 all-you-can-ship shipping!

If this was the Blue Nomad Rockus Bockus, I’d be on this like a cheap suit.

“Waiter, there’s a cork in my wine.”

Yes. But is it corked?

I saw in the past extra labels were included for fun. Will that happen again with this run?

oh… and in for 2 :slight_smile:

There’s no avoiding this offer…I’m in.

It’s up to the winery, but I will say that it was a thoughtful nice touch to include. I’d put Bright Light up pretty high on my list of favorite wines, to be honest.

(I just have no room at the moment for more 6 bottles of this super tasty wine alas.)

Greeting from the Denver airport, this is Susan from Blue Nomad checking in. Poured a bunch of Bright Light last night for a group of friends at a Maceo Parker/Big Sam show, so I can wholeheartedly say this wine pairs well with old school funk, trombones and soul food. The wine is dry, but so round and fruity that It is not at all tart or bitter. I do think anyone who loves a bright riesling will find much to love in Bright Light, even though its a different spectrum.

We will be happy to include labels if the good people of woot are willing to include them .

That would be cool. I could put them with my Rockus Bockus and Swami labels I received last year. Can’t wait to try this wine!

This wine sounds way too good to pass up. Especially since the white side of the cabinet is looking pretty sparse compared to the red side. Susan’s description pushed me over the edge, just need to decide on how many we want :).