Blue Nomad Bright Light White Wine (6)



Blue Nomad Bright Light 2010 White Wine 6-Pack
$59.99 (Normally $72.00) 17% off List Price
2010 Bright Light, Dry California White Wine
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Love this, but Rockus Bockus pretty please??? :frowning:


Blue Nomad… could there be some Rockus Bockus out there today.?


Assembled a new wine rack Friday holds 105 bottles, proudly displayed in the middle are 11 bottles of Rockus Bockus. :slight_smile:


I seem to recall being told that there is no more Rockus Bockus other than small quantities available for purchase directly from the winery.


Happy woot-off, my friends. We appreciate all the love for Rockus Bockus, thank you. He will not be making an appearance today, I am sorry to disappoint, but he sends you all his love and hopes to meet up with you somewhere out in the wider world this holiday season.




Sorry Fred. You know where to find him.



What is the varietal percentages on this blend? I am assuming they were blended and not co-fermented.


Still don’t see an online store… You said you were working on that months ago!


It’s true, we haven’t been able to do that yet, apologies, but we can still take phone orders.


$5 shipping ??? heh, heh, heh


They were indeed fermented separately then blended to get the right balance. This vintage was roughly 40% chard and dry gewurz, balance albarino.


Thanks, still have a couple of bottles from the last offering. We have really enjoyed this wine and would definitely recommend it.


Hi Sue–just had a bottle of this yesterday. It went great with the football snacks. Smoked salmon and a shrimp dip. Always great to see you make an appearance, especially during a woot!off. Fortunately for my wallet, I’m well stocked for a while.


Sadly, no, we don’t have the kind of clout our friends at woot enjoy. ; )


Thanks for weighing in, enjoy!


Cheers, cynthylee! Always appreciate you checking in too, and that sounds like a yummy spread. But most importantly, who were you watching & did they win?


But it’s the season of giving!!

Seriously though, we really appreciate the participation. It a rarity during woot-offs.