Blue Nomad Rockus Basket of Chocolatekus Red Case

Blue Nomad Wine Company Rockus B**ockus Red 12-Pack Case
$89.99 $240.00 63% off List Price
2012 Rockus B**ockus Proprietary Red Wine, Sonoma County

Quite a deal!! I seem to have accrued quite a few 25+ dollar wines, could certainly use more daily drinkers. Hopefully we’ll hear from some past purchasers later on :slight_smile:

Had it before…in for two…:slight_smile: Great daily drinker…so to speak…I mean…if I drank during the day…or everyday…or…ah hell…nevermind…

You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning.

However, I would be interested in hearing more notes from other tasters on here. I could use some more daily drinkers.

Any notes out there?

Found reviews on vivino but the link won’t carry over.

Your link above goes to thie wine on vivino:

Monte Das Talhas Alentejano 2012

Hey, can WD or TT or someone please check to see if Georgia is really not on the list this time? (hey, you never know!)

This is AMAZING but already put in for 2 other wine.woot things this week so need to pass on this.

Having said that, if you have the room to store it it’s a fantastic daily red!

Is there a way to have shipping delayed? I ordered but we will be gone the week they estimate it will be shipped.

No, unless something changed. And the expected date is never accurate in my opinion. I’ve asked before on wines if there is an idea of what an actual shipping window might be but no one ever answers. Going to be getting too warm to order anyway pretty soon, so no biggie.

Sorry, no GA this time.

No but you can deliver to your local FedEx store. They’ll hold it for a week, I believe.

Any other notes on this vintage from anyone that’s bought before? The cellar tracker notes are not favorable.

This has been offered before, some links below. At this price EVERYONE should buy at least 1. Crazy pricing, I know it is a newer vintage but if it hasn’t strayed much from previous offerings this is screaming.

Buy with ease. My tasting notes on page 1 of the second link. If I didn’t just buy a case of Wellington I would be in for 2…

I bought some of this at some point in the past for ~$12 a bottle on woot. It’s been a few months since I last opened one of them so I can’t recall any specific tasting notes. But I recall thinking very favorably of it as a “normal occasion” wine.

If I had not recently bought a case of everyday drinkers I would jump on this.

Any of the Minnesota gang up for a split? The last time I bought this was the 2007 vintage and I liked it - this price does indeed look like a screaming deal.

If you wait until it ships and go to FedEx online to customize the delivery and have the shipment redirected to a FedEx store near you they will hold it for one week. This should buy you the time you need.

I sent you a PM.