Blue Nomad Rockus Basket of Chocolatekus Reds (12)

Blue Nomad Wine Company Rockus B**ockus Red 12-Pack Case
$89.99 $240.00 63% off List Price
2012 Rockus Bockus Proprietary Red Wine, Sonoma County
2013 Rockus Bockus Proprietary Red Wine, Sonoma County

tasting notes for 2012:

I liked the 2012, even though it barely had time to rest from the trip cross country! It would be interesting if someone could compare with the '13.

Ouch! The 2012 is 0-4-1 on the CT notes.

Yeah, but note that the 4 negatives are actually 2 each from 2 people.
I bought some of this in 2011 (2007 vintage) and remember it fondly. (It’s long gone, of course.) I would buy, but have moved and new state (LA)is not favored.

Not a fan of the 2012. If this was all 2013, I’d probably take a flyer based on the 2007 that I really liked.

If you run the CT search for the 2012 now, you’ll see my (mostly favorable) comment there now.
(It didn’t occur to me that I had CT configured to “Exclude my notes when displaying community notes”.)
In the 9+ months since I wrote that review, I’ve had several more bottles, (but didn’t post anything on CT) and I’m liking it more now. Enough so that I bought another case of the '12 when it was offered here a month ago.
(And yeah, I’m in for one on this offer. I’m curious about the '13, especially at the same low price.)

I bought a 12-pack of the 2012 a few weeks ago when it was offered mostly based on the comments that the QPR was good.

The wine is fine. I prefer a bit more full body, so, to me, the wine lays there a bit, but it’s easy sipping and has a good flavor. For the price it’s perfectly reasonable to stock up on. I’ve had two bottles since arrival and both were certainly worth $7.50.

Got this case last time it was up. Been meaning to go back to report. Now, I don’t have to search!

This is a drink-immediately wine. It seems a little rusty from the bottle. It does NOT hold well once open. PQR is OK, but this is no Wellington.