Blue Nomad Rockus Basket of Chocolatekus Reds (12)

I had to dig, because I could use some more daily drinker. Here is the last offering’s notes.

I’m not sure if I want to pull the trigger or not. Has anyone had the '12 or '13 lately and have any thoughts?

Hey everyone! Just a heads up, we had a little pricing snafu this morning. We listed the 2013 Case at $49.99 instead of the $89.99 it was supposed to be listed at (like the mixed case and 2012 case offers).

The 2013 case is now listed at the correct pricing.

I’ve had the '12 and though I don’t have any notes, from memory I can tell you its good for a daily drinker.

I was wondering about that. If we ordered it before the price-change are you guys going to honor the pricing or do we need to cancel and re-submit our orders or what?

We’re still working through that part. :\

No cancels here. Those who got in before we sobered up got a HECK of a deal. All that we ask is that you tell a friend to tell a friend.

Thanks for that. Not quite as good as the deal I got a few years back when y’all mis-priced Ardente CS during a woot-off, but almost. :money_mouth_face:

That’s awesome! Thanks guys. Word has been passed along :slight_smile:

I love this stuff still have about a case sleeping, 90 bucks a case??? great price

Ah Ardente, my all time fav. wine from woot.

No kidding, those were a steal.

Well, look who the cat dragged in, Mr. Ardente himself! All the way from Texas?

Truth. I still have one bottle of the 96 left. I was waiting for a special occasion to open it but I’m worried I’ve waited too long.

Hey there !!! never made the move to Texas, son informed us he was trying to get back to So Cal so we put the move on hold. Don’t get on here too much but when theres something I like I jump on.

I bought a case of the 2012 around 6 weeks ago, wish I hadn’t.

Nice to “see” you!

Going to roll the dice on this one. My wife and I fondly remember the Block 13 CS from Gundlach Bundschu from many years ago on Woot. If this is a second label for them it should be a good QPR.

Cab Said Fred!!