Blue Nomad Rockus Bricks of Chocolatekus Red (6)

Blue Nomad Rockus B**ockus Red 6-Pack
$69.99 $126.00 44% off List Price
2012 Rockus B**ockus Proprietary Red Wine, Sonoma County

Previous offers (2007):

Wow, a blast from the past! Wish there was some Swami Pinot Noir to go with it but this will do. :slight_smile:

First sucker: chipgreen

Wonder if these labels will glow in the dark too?

And where was I when these first came out on WW?

Edit: Oh right … this was about the timeframe when I was extremely busy with the parental units and their medical issues.

wow, where have you been sweetheart???

Great QPR on this stuff - wish we had summer shipping :frowning:

I have complete faith in Woot! to correct any problems, but I am with you. Really want it, but my last shipment that came in took over a week traveling down to South Florida. Over half the trip had 85+ degree heat. Not sure I want to deal with replacements in the event something goes awry.

Now I have to open one of the PS from Wellington to see if those were cooked on the trip. Infanticide!

November 2011, to be exact - I just looked it up in my order history. OH YEAH.

Time to make Colorado light up on the map…

Oh, and I now I want some Bricks of Chocolatekus, too.

this was a long time ago purchase, one that i bought on its own and with the swami. i wish i could remember tasting notes from 5 years ago :slight_smile: but i do know i repurchased so this was a good one!
i do remember it was a very nice blend interesting on the tongue to be solid on its own. it was also a party favorite pleasing pretty much any red drinker.

for those on the fence, this is definitely worth a try. the labels are awesome too, still have a few floating around from the extras thrown in with the last shipment.

Fred, I know you love this stuff and have raved about prior vintages.

Could you explain what you like so much?

Sounds like it is just a fruity, somewhat benign field-blend, no?

It’s pretty cheap but is it anything special?

Ditto. Summer shipping is dodgy enuff. Until then I’m in lurk only mode.

Shedding tears! Ordered the Blue Nomad offerings all the time in the past, but no Minnesota this time. Very sad.

Hm, something that ships to SC that I’m interested in. But, no summer shipping. I had a fiasco with bad bottles from a previous order that neither the winery or woot put to right - emails just stopped being answered - so unfortunately I’m probably out until summer shipping starts.

I see it called that in the “Woot Wines” tab, but I don’t see other references to it. Is that just a Woot mod playing a little word game with us?

Too funny!

Filters gone wild!

This was an auto buy for me, I still have 10 bottles and haven’t had any since early 2012. this was the best Non-Cab I have ever purchased. Full body, excellent after taste, smooth and deep purple wine. Haven’t tried this 2012 blend. Since I’m moving to Texas I haven’t been buying, but might have to in this case. Summer shipping is in effect I assume.

Caved in

Last Wooter to Woot:fredrinaldi

Uhm. Autobuy yet caved in. Does not compute.