Blue Nomad Rockus Bricks of Chocolatekus Red (6)

Depends on his usage of “was”. Could be it “was” an autobuy in the past, perhaps not in the present.

I did ponder that but then got even more confused.

What? No Georgia? Guess I just saved some money.

I just came here to say the same…

Why not GA? Is it because of shipping?

Moving to Texas (with 250 bottles of wine to pack and move) and caved in (more wine to pack and worry about) does :slight_smile:

Licensing. It’s always licensing.

Too bad we aren’t seeing any winery participation where we could plead our case (pun intended) as we do with so many of our other favorites (Ped, Scott, Peter).

Whew! It’s been a while.

Blue Nomad Rockus Bockus Red (6)

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Bought the 2007 vintage in 2011. One of my favorite Woot wines in this price range. In for one.

This is not the Ty Caton not-quite-Field Blend, right?

Except when it’s not. :tongue:

Deep, man. That was deep.


So glad this came up. We had one 2007 Rockus reserved. Guess what? We just opened it to confirm our memories- and it is absolutely as good as we remember. In memory of that last 2007, we’re in!

Right. Similar name, different wine. Wouldn’t mind seeing that one back, I preferred it to this. (Not that that stopped me from going in for 1 today.)

just checked I have 11 bottles of the 2007 vintage, wonder how much longer they will be good. anyone got a educated guess?

btw anyone in the Los Angeles area have any shipping boxes? I sure could use them for my move, Mark D PM for you, thanks

Still so sad there’s been no winery comment. I miss Sue!! Was hoping someone would chime in and say they could ship to Minnesota direct. Ah well, dollars saved.

She still participates but is with another winery now. Clayhouse, maybe?

Yeah… I knew that Sue had moved on, but I was hoping that since they finally came back to the wine.woot! they were ready to chime in.

so open one and faux-rat it!