Blue Nomad Wine Company Mixed Red - 6 Pack

Blue Nomad Wine Company Mixed Red - 6 Pack
$69.99 + $5 shipping
3 Swami 2009 Pinot Noir, Sonoma Coast
3 Rockus Bockus 2007 Proprietary Red Blend
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I like the artwork on this. I’m a bit of a “beer snob” so I’m used to seeing more colorful and unique labels, while wine typically follows a conservative and traditional look. I can appreciate the reason to use a more traditional look, but I’d much rather see some artists being able to express their abilities as well.

Wow that’s colorful!

But is it any good?

With a pedigree of Gundlach Bundschu behind it, odds are looking positive :wink:

OK, this is cool, the Pinot label glows in the dark:

Shame on woot… That is absolutely a feature and it is not listed in the description.

That alone is almost enough to get me to buy this…

That is a pretty interesting label. It glows in the dark AND shows a different image with a back light! They describe the process of creating their label here.

Pretty cool stuff but hows the wine? I couldn’t find anything useful on CT.

indeed! I, er… wander if it’s any good.

Hi all, Susan from Blue Nomad & Gundlach Bundschu checking in.

As a self-appointed lab rat, I’ve been ‘checking in’ on these wines regularly since they were bottled, and I assure you, they’re really good, and drinking very well right now, no patience required. You won’t find much info on them anywhere online because they are pretty much brand new-Rockus Bockus is only distributed in a handful of states, most launched within the past six months. And the Swami is a brand-spanking new release.

But don’t let the fact that few people have seen or tasted these wines yet deter you from quick action - these wines are delicious, and I can say with confidence this deal is the best QPR you’ve ever seen of Jeff’s wines on woot. Yep, even better than that one, and by a mile.

What else do you need to know?

That was enough for me. :slight_smile:

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Between the Gundlach Bundschu pedigree, your comments and the sheer awesomeness of the labels, I had to push the big orange button!

Enough for me too. In for 2.

What is the relation of these wines to Gundlach Bundschu? I’m a big fan of GB wines.

EDIT: I had seen the commentary above, regarding Jeff Bundschu starting this winery. Is it still under the label of GB or is it distinct? Just looking for some color!

I know what you mean, but the winemakers have to get their labels passed by individual state regulators. Scott Harvey can’t sell InZinerator in North Carolina, ostensibly because the regulators thought the “label would make it appeal to underage drinkers.” Interesting that these labels made the grade in NC.

WOOT In for one; how can you resiste a label like that?

My self-imposed hiatus from wine woot is over. :slight_smile:

I’m sad that I can’t find much info on this, but I think I might be in for 1. I love red blends, so the Rockus is really catching my eye.

EDIT: went in for one, excited about this one :slight_smile:

Yet you have 0 woots. And then there’s this:

You’re getting lazy :slight_smile: Read the “Winery Details” on the front page.

your square is still white.

Hmmm. What is that one? Anybody help me out?

Good way to start off a new month with everyday drinking wine. I might have to give up smoking to pay for all the wine I’ll end up buying here. I have to drink up the wine fast as I have no way to store them correctly. Thanks for the great deal.