Blue Nomad Wine Company Mixed Red - 6 Pack

My first wine.woot… I felt the need to share :slight_smile:

thanks for filling me in on the squares to the left…
I have nothing to say other than to see what color my square is…

PS You are correct! A virgin should not be offering opinions like that!

WHOA! Just saw results!

First time in my life…I am Black!

and YES…“Better than everyone else!!”

I have to admit that I will have to rearrange my wine rack to get these gorgeous labels within eyesight. The downside is they probably won’t be there very long, hopefully can bring some holiday cheer!

In for two in Tennessee! :-))

I’ve been waiting for a value-priced drink now 6-pack. The blend sounds like something my wife will particularly enjoy. I like the labels too. Now if the shipping will just work right, I’ll be a happy camper.

Normally the Bundschu name is enough to get me to hit that button. But 9 hours later and there have been a total of 0 Wooters purchasing “3”. If its as good as all the other stuff made by Bundschu, why the shill? It makes me wonder if maybe this isn’t as good as the Bundschu name would imply… Now I’m on the fence.

The winemaker’s music is excellent; perhaps the wine is as well?

No idea what’s up with the shill, but it is a six pack so I’m not surprised by no threes yet.

As for the quality comp to Gundlach Bundschu, these wines are made by Jeff Bundschu and Keith Emerson, the same team that makes GB, but with a very different vision. GB wines are single vineyard sourced with a distinct complexity and long cellar life. Blue Nomad wines are sourced from around Sonoma to create lush, intensely flavored wines intended to be drunk on release. Make no mistake, these wines are crafted by guys whose other wines sell for four to ten times the price, so they are elegant and balanced, no sweet styles here. Keith calls them everyday wines for wine lovers. but these are not Gundlach Bundschu wines, in style, though you can absolutely be confident in their quality based on the experience and philosophy of the people behind them.

If you try to buy you will see that you can only go in for 2 max.

Ah! Thanks for pointing that out!

The GB Block 13 Cabernet was one of the best QPR wines that I have bought from Woot (or anywhere for that matter). I understand that this is not a cellaring wine, but if it is anywhere close to the previous quality it should be a real treat.

My wallet forces me to be in for only 1, but very excited to be in the game.

I’m thinking it’s this one. That was one of my first w. woots, same price per bottle as this, and as I recall astoundingly delicious. Wooters were begging for more.

I just realized I need to buy this, for all the reasons cited by others.

Edit: and because I will share my order with friends, in for 2!
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Shill or no shill, my first wine.woot, and I’m excited to try :slight_smile:

Shill def: One who poses as a satisfied customer or an enthusiastic gambler to dupe bystanders into participating in a swindle.

Do you really believe that Gunlach Bundschu would waste their time on a shill??

I’m in for one. Love the Swami Label!

Grats! Hope you enjoy it.

Edited in: bradsbabe, grats to you too!
(And to all you first time wine wooters. As I don’t drink much reds, I’m not in for this one, but I am having so much fun looking at these labels.)

I bought 2 based on … gut feeling that I am going to like this. Oh boy. Also noticed that the “shill” got a quality post. Hey!

Anyone know if these guys spray pesticides or other chemicals on the grapes?

I noticed his original post is gone. How do you know he has quality posts?

There’s a little number that shows up beside your name. It’s subtle.

I’m going to check in with a question too. I know that they’re drinking well right now, but what’s the maximum you’d recommend cellaring these?