Blue Oyster Cult


Everyone always mentions this in the discussion for the current product…anyone care to tell me what on Earth it is?


Are you talking about “Don’t Fear the Reaper”?



I have no idea.


It’s the band that needs more cowbell. They also played the song “Godzilla.” However, you need to spell them with the umlaut. Blue Öyster Cult.


Oh, well I knew that. But I thought, based on how everyone else was saying it, that it was some other crazy thing.

“I got a FEVER, and the only prescription is MORE COWBELL!”


This was a sketch on Saturday Night Live with Will Ferrell and Christopher Walkins. Basically Blue Oyster Cult was in the studio and Christopher Walkins was the sound engineer and he just kept saying that he wanted more cowbell. It was funny. Classic SNL stuff.



it’s the latest euphamism for Bag of Crap - a much sought after woot offering that makes you wait to see if you spent 8 buck on cool toys, or some burnished orichulum chainmail


Awwwww. You ruined our fun. He’s right, though. It’s pretty cool, and thus everyone wants them to offer one next. I went in for the last one and got a robot. A ROBOT!

p.s. Let it be noted that the people mentioning that wonderful band didn’t actually intend to mention them. It (the forum code) automatically changes the acronym (b.o.c. typed without punctuation) to boc.


I remember one boc had some screaming monkeys in it.


Romeo and Juliet are together in Eternity.

We can be like they are.