Blue Pearl Robotic Pool Cleaner

Well does it clean the flies and bugs floating near the top of the pool?

I used to hose mine off it was a horrible job. I bought some disposable bags online and they work great. It’s made out of the same material those temporary booties are made from and because they are lighter mine is a lot better at climbing the sides. I think the bags ate called nasty bags. No really. Google it. Just don’t tell me what comes up in the search.

60% off to be exact.

On a related note, don’t knock the automatic pool cleaners until you’ve spent 2 hours vacuuming the sand and other crap from the bottom of a pool on a 95 degree day when you’d rather be in the pool swimming. You’ll really appreciate the thought of turning this sucker on and watching it do the work for you.

Does this work with vinyl liners?

$400 to get back at the dog…priceless

Amazon reviews suggest you run it 2 to 3 hours for a really clean pool, then you clean the filter bag in about 5 minutes time.

Living in Seattle is kinda like living in a pool. And we found this little bugger to be a lifesaver. I mean, sure, we couldn’t use it for the six days it didn’t rain during the summer heatwave, but the rest of the year, it really kept the yard algae free and cut down on the slug slime between the rain forest and the moss canopy.

I think Mr. Sfotovich liked this deal.

Curse you, Aqua Scum!

Not really. But then again your skimmer should do that job for you. You’d be surprised at what this thing pulls out of your crystal clear pool though.

Ugh - thank you woot, for reminding me that I DON’T have a pool!

Who in Woot’s name owns a salt water pool?

Talk about target marketing . . . or can I use this to clean my bathtub?


It’s a robot. It climbs out of the pool, removes the filter, gives it a good shake, reinstalls, and then scales the pool wall and does a back-flip into the pool.


Works on ours.

I’m putting one in right now!

Ahh, the skimmer. With that said, I am always surprised at the “hidden” dirt found after cleaning things like tile floors and cars.

My parents do. Technically salt is sodium chloride, which is basically chlorine. Anyway, this item is useless for them because their pool has self cleaning technology in it as well.