Blue Pearl Robotic Pool Cleaner

In for one, I hope it will pick up Pine needles and not to hard to clean the filter. Anyone care to speak of cord chafe as the cord follows the thing around the pool? Also what is the general operating procedure as to how long to run? Timer? Taking it out when not in use, Etc.

I have a salt water pool and it was the best change I ever made. In fact, I got the chlorine generator on Woot.

Most of the world uses salt water pools.

It is not a shock hazard, please learn about DC voltage before making such a statement.

You don’t swim with them because a weak swimmer could get entangled in the cord and drown.

WOW GREAT DEAL! I had to buy one at this price. These are great. Easy to maintain even if you have marginal “fixit” skills. Parts are readily available. These tematech machines work identically to the aquabot design. Replacement parts are interchangeable. Tematech makes the import versions of the Aquabot machines. Functionally they are the same.
The Aquabots and Blue Diamond/Pearls are Superior to all the other robots. The 2 micron filter bag will collect DE , cant get much better than that.
I have heard the rubber brushes work better in vinyl pools, but we will see. Luckily I have a spare set!

This is a major misconception. A Salt Pool IS a chlorine pool. The only difference is the chlorine is generated from the salt instead of you tossing it in.

Hey Woot? Have you seen the bottom of my pool? C’mon, get it in the mail so I don’t have to vacuum it again myself.

Mine arrived today, five days after I ordered it - never got a “We shipped it” from Woot. It came directly from Aquabot. First run tomorrow morning.

Had to order a weatherproof Insteon relay module, so my home automation system can schedule this thing - the Polaris is on a weatherproof Insteon 220V contactor which is now surplus. The filter pump is on another 220V contactor, and the heater is remoted to a low-voltage contactor. Can control all the pool systems from anywhere via the iPhone or iPad.

(This is truly weird - something insists on turning the word “f i l t e r”, before the word “pump”, above, into the phrase “word sieve”.)

- Dennis Brothers

Anyone get a shipped notice yet? My pool’s getting scummy again…

I got nothing so far. I was really hoping to try it out this weekend.

I’m a big fan of the Insteon, but you know that you’re not supposed to leave this in the pool, right?

Well now I’m gonna hafta watch the driveway all day today in anticipation…

BTW, you got me really confused with your saying the cleaner came directly from AquaBOT, which is a competing model. Woot lists the manufacturer as AquaTRON, which is the Aquabot parent company and also not correct, apparently. The actual manufacturer is Water Tech Corp. Are the two connected? If so why compete with one another?

My unit arrived with the lunchtime UPS guy. In the pool and cleaning in 20 minutes. Lookin’ good so far…

Got mine today too. Question for you:

Instructions say, p. 2, that “The handle will remain fixed in this position”. So, I found “locking” keeps the diagonal-ish of the handle is fixed by one of the half-dozen or so slots. BUT, the handle still can swivel.

Is your handle COMPLETELY fixed and locked in operation?

I’m wondering if my unit has some problem with the axles of the handle within the unit preventing it from being absolutely fixed.

No worries, mine is the same. The button locks but the handle still “floats” over the case without changing the angle.

If you reverse the angle of the handle sides it will run in the opposite direction.

Nothing delivered to Virginia so far, and no email/note/update info…
Would a tracking number REALLY be too much to ask for a large $400 box?

No unit here in Los Angeles, California either. Nothing saying shipped. What company are they using for shipping? No communication either. At least I’m not the only one here who hasn’t received their unit yet. I agree that with a large dollar purchase it would be nice to get a comunique. Couldn’t they use Amazon’s system since they are now part of Amazon?

Oops. Sorry, I read down further and saw that UPS seems to be the shipper. I’ve got both UPS and FedEx depots close and was wondering which I might have to go to if I wasn’t there to sign for it.

Got nothing here is Missouri!! No estimate date, no notification…nothin!!

Nothing here in Florida either :frowning:

Nothing in Houston either (Woot! is based in Carrollton, which is a suburb of Dallas) so I guess that Woot! is not doing the shipping. I agree, a “shipped” notice and a tracking number would be nice!

Did anyone who has received theirs get a “shipped” notice?