Blue Pearl Robotic Pool Cleaner

when’s this thing gonna ship?

Nothing here either yet :confused:

Got mine, worked like a charm. Much nicer than my now worn out Lectro Legend.

Southern California. Have not received unit yet. No info regarding shipping, or tracking numbers…WTF?

Actually logged on here to see if it had shipped yet and I finally got a notice 30 seconds ago. In Houston.

edit: and it seems like it actually shipped last Friday.

I also just received UPS notification that the product shipped. Expected arrival is Wednesday August 25.

I got my notification today after it was delivered :slight_smile:

Update…Got an email today from Woot tracking bot…It has the UPS tracking number. Bought item on the 14th. Item left Secaucus, NJ on the 18th. Due to arrive tomorrow the 24th in CA. Thanks Woot. I was beginning to wonder about delivery. At least I know it’s in transit.

Shipping Update

Blue Pearl Robotic Pool Cleaner has completely shipped, except for PO Boxes. All tracking has already been emailed out. You can also find your tracking number by following this link and use your ORDER NUMBER as the reference number.


delivered 8/23. Its bigger than expected but thats not a problem for me.

Of note - book doesn’t say this:
Turn it over and take filter section out once before throwing in pool. I found the bag as partially off on one side (easy to fix) and the rollers were encased with plastic wrap to remove.

The book made it sound very easy to take from the box and toss directly into the pool, but it does pay to look underneath once.

Cleaned a dirty pool great and bag is easy to clean afterwards.

Oh woot you kill me:

wierd part of below was the word F i l t e r

Got mine yesterday, removed plastic from bottom spools. It said somewhere that you should leave in pool for 20 minutes when new and at beginning of season to let rollers asorb water. I waited 5 minutes and watched it improve on wall walking as they plumped up. I hadn’t vacuumed since I bought it so I had about 8 days of sitting - usually I’d vacuum 2 or 3 times in that span. Did a really good job. I’m anxious to see how it looks afer 2 or 3 days of once a days. QUESTION - Does anyone know if you should or shouldn’t run your f ilter while it’s in action? Thanks.

Shouldn’t make any difference if you have pool pump on or not.

One a day usage is probably overkill too. Just toss it in whenever you would have cleaned normally.

My op anyway.

The package came in today by UPS but it doesn’t look like the item is brand new. It has been taped twice. Has anybody noticed their package like this? Please let me know how is yours…thanks.

Mine seemed brand new. Taped once, one pair of big staples along the seam.

What happens on the UPS truck . . .

Exactly how mine came.

My Blue Pearl is the new love of my life! I’m putting that other thing on eBay this weekend–can’t even remember what it’s called…OH, uh. polaris.

Received my Blue Pearl, read and followed the instructions. It hardly moves in the pool and shuts itself off in about 20 minutes. Any suggestion on how to fix it before I return it?

So I jumped on one of these after reading all the great reviews. It showed up in 10 or 12 days (no shipping problems) new in box. I skimmed the manual (not a whole lot to it), discarded the packing material, and dropped it in the pool for a 3 hour cycle. I was impressed with its wall-climbing ability and how it worked the water line, but after the cycle completed I noticed the pool bottom was not overly clean (silt patches). So I ran it for another cycle – same thing. My wife gave me grief for spending $400 on an unknown commodity that didn’t do a very good job and wanted to know if I could get my money back (she’s so supportive). I then hooked the old Hayward Ultra back up and ran it for 3 hours – silt gone. Anyone else experience such a problem? My pool is fiberglass, BTW.

Used mine 5 times now, it works great! A little left in the deep end corners, vinyl liner, but I find if I brush a bit, it cleans the whole thing. $400 well spent for me. Bag cleaning easy, 5 minutes with a hose sprayer on “spray” from the inside with it inside out. My best Woot!