Blue Print Canvas Art

Patent is for the forward assist on the rifle, not the M16 itself.

Eugene Stoner was the inventor. But I assume this patent was used because it had the best illustration of the rifle.

These are cheaper on Amazon…crazy pricing here…??..are these on a different material…???..seems funny WOOT has them at this cost…please explain…

Without a link, there’s nothing to talk about. I looked up one and when comparing the same size, we were cheaper.

here ya go…$25.00 bucks…satisfied…

[MOD: Completely different]

unless i am missing something the one you linked is card stock and this one is canvas. i would assume that would make this slightly better quality and justify the price difference. poster =/= painting

I did mention that…thanks for verifying this…

Bah! I had the same thought. Almost considered buying it otherwise.

Was gonna say something about Stoner…

So, wasn’t the M16A1 the development of the forward assist?

If they could actually get the Stoner patents as a canvas, I would totally pick that up.

Interesting! If you look closely, the bicycle is one of those funky reversing-gear setups. Pedal forwards for high gear, pedal backwards for low gear.

Stoner was the main designer. M16 was technically a scaled down AR-10, in which designers like Jim Sullivan helped with the scale down. Many of the features on the rifle were borrowed (really borrowed for AR-10) from existing rifles such as the M1941 Johnson Machine Gun (designed by Melvin Johnson). Eugene Stoner would by far be the most appropriate name to have with an AR platform patent drawing.
…And the forward assist is a rather worthless feature to the civilian market, so not really a patent I would care to ‘admire’.

So guns are so beloved, there are three to hang pictures of.