Blue Raven Maestro iPod Speaker Dock

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New Blue Raven Maestro iPod Speaker Dock, for $59.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Blue Raven Maestro 1070 Black iPod Speaker Dock

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Blue Raven Maestro iPod Speaker Dock
$59.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product: 1 Blue Raven Maestro 1070 Black iPod Speaker Dock

I’m going to laugh when someone asks if this will work with an iPhone like all the other iPod speaker sales. =)

yes it will work with your sansa or your carppy icarp carp carp device. but do you really care?

might be in for 1 later…

[link=]$119 on Amazon[/link]

Froogled. - $98.99

eBay - Items Found: 3. Average Price: $144.

CNET review

been looking for one of these, but this one seems a little bit bulky…

Bigger is better with speakers :smiley:

Is it bad when you see a bunch of yellow in the middle of the country… but have no clue what states those are cause you live on the coasts and only know the east/west coast states?

Does this work with the zute?

the description says 2x15w satellite speakers but I don’t see them on the popup… Anyone know if that’s a mistake?

Supports 3g Iphone too ?

Lengthy review here.

Hmmm, I bought one, but wanted to order two, forgot the TWO button was on the first page. (dahh) The site won’t let me order another. Is that normal?

Will this work as an alarm clock? I have an 80gb ipod classic, and the f’in battery tends to run dry before I am ready to wake (albeit in a tent in the desert).

That is to say, if my ipod is plugged into this badboy, can i rely on the ipod’s alarm feature to wake me up?

I should clarify: my ipod battery runs out because it must be on in order for the alarm to function (wont turn itself on if an alarm is set). If it is plugged in, will that function work reliably?


does anyone who has it know if it will work on 220 volts (engrish voltage)? Nothing in the description, and im moving there in a few weeks.

yeah, sorry rik… one shot to buy each item!

I did that once and emailed woot. Since it wasn’t a woot off and they had plenty of the item still, they just added one to my order. No extra shipping either. Think u have to b logged in to email so they trusted the source. Give it a try…it worked for me!

After poking around and doing some reading I’m in for one. I think for the price it’d be hard to throw together a better sounding 2.1 stereo system in such a compact size. I have a real stereo for my serious listening, but this will be good at the gf’s apartment or in my shop… or hell, even the bathroom…

I have the same problem with not knowing the states in the middle of the country… =\