Blue Raven Maestro iPod Speaker Dock


That thing is MASSIVE


does this thing work with my old vinyl record player?

Enuff of the iPod stuff!

does it work with the Iphone 3G?


This actually looks pretty nice, anyone have any experience with the speaker quality?

This is actually a very pretty speaker dock.

What gives with all the iPood stuff?!

Will this work with my Ipod?

Will this fit my 80gb IPOD classic?

I suspect that it works but won’t charge the iPhone 3G

Do people even buy Ipods anymore?

iPods are for morons anyway. Why would I want to buy a DRM filled POS?
MP3 players people…

i wooted sansas… fail.

This is going to take a while… check out wite at…

Will this work with my zune?