Blue Raven Maestro iPod Speaker Dock

Morning Wooters!!!

In for 1

Will this work with the Iphone 3G?

The frigging iPod and MP3 payer docks are threatening to unseat the vaccuum cleaners as “most prolific piece of crap nobody wants in this wootoff.”

Buy three now.

It should work with the 3G…they have the same technology as the ipod, same with the 2G!

Its for the people who own Ipods. -Sorry, I am a little snappy this morning.

It does work with the 3G iphone, but you have to put it in airplane mode to avoid interference

Anything for us Zune users back in the woot closet??
Too much ipod carp.

Will this work with the Soundcast Audiocast Wireless Audio System?

yup, according to this link it has adapters for different ipods…

Will this work with my roomba?

Have one, love it!

Why when an iPod dock capable item is posted we’re all left scratching our heads if it will work with the iPhone 3G - c’mon woot!!!

Plus according to the gadgeteer review this was released prior to or around December 2007 - the iPhone 3G came out way way later so most likely none of the dock adapters will fit it - but I’m only guessing.

It would be nice if it were spelled out what the dock adapters are (iPhone, iPod whatever gen, etc etc)


I’m going to guess this doesn’t work with the iPod nano? Probably just as well… I don’t need to spend the money. :wink:

exactly how big is this?

Nice… i’m in for 2… gonna ebay one off… lol :wink:

they go for $150 everywhere else…

No - if you check the specs, it does not work with white ipods.

I don’t think you have any idea what you’re talking about.

woot off again today?

what’s a 2G? I thought there was just an iPhone & iPhone 3G…hmmmm