Blue Raven Maestro iPod Speaker Dock

I was wrong about the last one, but this doesn’t seem to be moving either. Someone want to clue me in on what tracker gives you the number for sale yet?!

Zeppelin is much cooler.

Too bad it’s $570 more…

i hear it uses bose drivers

will this work with a sansa e250 ? Anyone antennas up?

Are they purposely trying to do the worst woot off ever?

jeez, everything with an ipod dock…where is the wooterific ipod?

will my iPod work with this?

note: my ipod is broken

I’m still pissed about the plasma balls. Seriously woot? FIVE?! C’mon.

Read the description - it’s why it’s there :slight_smile:

(As for the 50hz low end on this - less bass than typical headphones)

O yea, got one, wanted black…it was sold out already :frowning: wth?

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. uuuhuhuhuhuhhg

when can one buy a bag of crap

I could totally hook you up with that…going to cost more than $5 shipping, though

Sooo… If an item doesn’t sell out… does that mean this party is over?


4th gen nano. Will it work?

Did I mention… argggggghhhhhh?

That’s BS I clicked when there was 100% left to buy and there werent any in black!

This is a good deal, my dad bought something similar for much more.

Of course I bought something similar for $5. Just similar in the opposite way.

this is actually not a bad price.