Blue Rhino 30" Stainless Steel Propane Fire Table

Best Idea Ever!

Replace the Lava Rocks with Hickory Flavoured Gas Ceramic Briquettes

One photo for a $180 purchase? No photo of it in use? No photo of the fuel source connection? No photo of the fuel source storage? No photo next to anything else for size reference? This item interests me but will avoid purchase without photos and/or a video. You had me then you lost me.

I was tempted and then I did some research on the price and discovered there are styles more to my liking for the same price. This particular model is about $40 more at Home Depot, so I guess if you really like this exact one, it’s a deal.

I mean, it’s a fire pit, dude. The propane connection is going to be identical to any other propane connection. The tank stores underneath in a hollow area, obviously. The dimensions are listed for size reference.

Aldi will have this one next week.

Thanks for the link. $50 cheaper and 4 photos. Will swing by next week.