Blue Screen of HAL

Dave’s not here, man

HAL was such a jackass.

Everybody is dead, Dave.

Everybody is dead, Dave.

Everybody is dead, Dave.


Extremely clever shirt!!! congrats to geekfactor12!

I’m considering getting this shirt because one of my co-workers is named Dave. That, and I like the color and aesthetic, as well as the reference.

You know how they came up with the name HAL??? No, it wasn’t by going one letter before IBM, it stands for Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic computer. No idea where the 9000 comes in.

You heard it here first, folks. They’re going to make a sequel Kubrick’s classic film. It will be called 2002: Space Odyssey: Hal’s Revenge. Will Smith’s son will play Frankie Bowman- the son of David Bowman. Frankie is a rebellious and high spirited space pilot, haunted by his past and determined to make his father proud. He’s the only one in the galaxy with the space skills to defeat HAL 10,000- a rouge transformer-bot from Jupiter. But will he make it to sector 451 in time to defeat the evil robot, and tell Samantha how he really feels? Coming next summer to a theater near you.

I’d watch this in a heartbeat!

A rouge Transformer? Must be Hot Rod. I always knew that youngster would get himself into trouble.

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Update of the old BSOD?

I would buy it if it had a daisy on the back.

Gratz on the 2-spot, geekfactor12!

The shirt color should be listed as Screen of Death Blue.

A “rouge” transformer-bot huh? I guess by making it a pinkish hue that’s how they plan to tie it back to HAL’s red eye… B^D

Wait, a rouge transformer-bot? I didn’t realize the color would influence the behavior of an A.I. :wink: