Blue Topaz Jewelry

Is each “X” link SOLID sterling silver (as opposed to hollow) ?

These are very inexpensive prices, which is nice. 925 sterling silver is the normal standard alloy used for silver jewelry. The description doesn’t say if the silver is rhodium plated, but usually it is. All that is great. What the buyer needs to be cautious of is the photographs. They manipulate the photos to make the gemstones look nicer than they really are. So when you get the piece, it will not look as good as the photograph. Usually the color and brilliance will be a lot less than you expect from what the photo shows. Then again, you aren’t paying jewelry store prices, so you get what you pay for.


Each link is SOLID sterling silver.



I checked with the vendor and they confirmed that the silver is rhodium plated and that all images have not been manipulated at all.


There’s strikingly little difference in end results between ‘manipulated’ and ‘shot under multiple bright and diffuse light sources, with a shutter speed carefully calculated just shy of washing out the image, a narrow depth of field lens to get maximum sharpness at precisely the range of the jewelry, plus a default filter on the .RAW digital image as it’s converted to .JPG that’s designed to create maximum color saturation and contrast’.

The latter is just good photographic techniques, but it’s amazing how much that can make a picture look like it’s been 'shopped.

Sure, and jewelry stores do the same thing in a way. Have you ever noticed the special lights in the ceiling just above the jewelry counter? You won’t notice them unless you happen to look right above your head. But they use special lights of just the right color temperature and brightness to make the jewelry really sparkle when they demonstrate it to you. It doesn’t look quite so nice in regular light. But they are in the business of selling stuff, after all. Hard to blame them.

Same thing here. These will have been photographed to make the gemstones look as nice as possible. Of course. I would do the same. But people are often disappointed when it doesn’t look quite so nice in regular light.

But have some?

Are the rings able to be sized by a jeweler or are they stuck at whatever size they are offered in?