Blue Vectorfunk

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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cool shirt… might have bought if it were on royal blue… pleasant to look at.

Grats on the print Matt. I have to say though, with this week’s derby winners coming up Thursday, I don’t understand why a disintegrating argyle-like design was chosen when we’ll have so many pixelated designs soon.

like it but don’t love it enough to part with $10. cool design though.

Much easier on the eyes than yesterday’s shirt. Might just have to buy one so I can have a black woot shirt in my collection.

Woot said: "If you’ve ever been lucky enough to see a Defender machine boot up, you’re familiar with this sort of image. "

Strangely enough, I have been lucky enough to see that. :slight_smile:

Neat design Matt. Congratulations!

And woot - I know it’s probably a joke, but I could really use some nice new belts… :wink:

Cool design… don’t know if I want a black shirt though. I’ll see what I think of it in the morning.

Oh man… that’s just hilarious.

Farking sexy. In for one allll the way.

Ummmm… Bill Cosby called and wants his sweater designs back. lol.

So I am convinced woot does not understand a fundamental aspect of the t-shirt lifestyle choice.

One wears t-shirts when it’s hot.

One does not wear black when it’s hot.

Hence, a black t-shirt is only good at night. Why would I want to buy a piece of clothing that’s so limited in scope.

Please oh woot gods explain this one to me.

Thanks a ton!

shirts like these would make more sense if they were on a poster or something. i don’t understand why anyone would pay $10 to wear something that looks like a frantic glob of random lines and marks.


…is that what its called

This shirt is great, and the colors stand out best on black.

Most of us keep our t-shirts in the clost year-round, see. And this isn’t only for summer, see. Would also make a good Xmas gift, see.

Man, farkin’ whiners. This is a really good shirt.

Awesome shirt. Got my purchase. All you haters just can’t think outside the border of the inner box’s inside.

so suze, I take it you wear t-shirts in the winter. what city do u live in exactly?

Awesome, I love the isometric-ness :slight_smile:

I really like it. In for uno.

Extra points to Woot for throwing in the Iceman & Defenders references. The fanboy in me now almost wants to buy, just so I can claim to own a “mutant urine” t-shirt.