Blueair Sense+ Air Purifier - Wi-Fi

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Blueair Sense+ Air Purifier - Wi-Fi
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The unit uses two filter cassettes. Each cassette consists of two parts: Advanced particle filter – removes dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, bacteria, viruses and other airborne pollutants down to the tiniest particle. Active carbon filter sheet – removes gaseous pollutants such as cigarette and cigar smoke or other VOCs (volatile organic compounds, including household paint and other chemicals).

To ensure the unit’s high quality performance they recommend that you only use original Blueair filters, replacing them every 6 months.

So that’s another $150/year. Like HP printer ink, almost cheaper to replace the whole thing.

Register online though and get up to a 5 year warranty.

We have these (4) in every room of our house, with a larger one in the great room. My wife has major allergy issues and used to sneeze a lot and all of the time. Once we put these in, the majority of the sneezing went away. We had tried others. This one works very well for us, and looks good, to boot. They are reasonably quiet at the highest speed, whisper quiet at the medium speed and inaudible at the low speed. The app works well to control the units.

We not only registered them all online, but when you sign up for their filter ‘club’, you not only get a discount on the filters but you get an extended ‘lifetime’ warranty on the units themselves for as long as you stay in the ‘club’. Their customer service is prompt and friendly.

For us, the additional cost has been absolutely worth it, since my wife rarely sneezes in the house anymore.

Of course, YMMV; however, I would not hesitate to do this again.

Well, of course: they probably sell the units themselves not far above cost but make all the real money from filter sales. So it’s in their interest for you to have a working unit so that you keep buying those expensive filters.

Agreed…keeps you buying, just like printer ink (however, you never see HP doing something like that with their printers…).

We’ve tried various units in the past of different types with little or no difference noted. At least for the allergies that my wife has, these work beautifully and it has been worth it for her to get full night sleeps and be able to work around the house without sneezing constantly. She has also been able to cut down on her allergy meds, which has had positive results in other areas (they always made her a little drowsy, no matter what it said about being ‘non-drowsy’).

Not a shill for this company…to be honest, I’d never heard of them before we bought the first one. It worked so well in our master bedroom that we slowly put them all around the house, as the budget allowed. For us, it was worth it. Filters, even with the discounts and free shipping, aren’t cheap, so this is not for everyone. We were willing to make room in the budget, when we saw how much better she was for spring through fall.

How much are the filters through the filter program?