Blueair Smokestop Air Purifier

Great reviews from Amazon

Just how long has today’s copywriter been waiting to use brachycephalic in a write up?

Wouldn’t it be $400 cheaper to just quit smoking???

Check out this review from

Let’s watch this informative video [youtube=EIR8TrQ-RlQ][/youtube]

That’s not a review. It’s an ad posted as a “review” by a company who sells these at $700 a pop – frankly, that’s a bit much for a glorified fan and a couple of $50 filters. So is $400.

blueair sells refurbished units for only $20 more, includes free shipping and does not seem to charge tax.

I’ve been using Blueair products for a few years now. They are pricey but work extremely well. Have recommended them to several folks.

What are you comparing them to? I have a $100 purifier that has a permanent hepa filter and the filter was filthy after 3 months so that must count for something. Does this one work for 1000 sq ft or something?

The savings are even greater when you factor in the cost of cigarettes and future medical expenses!

Got one at Costco probably 6 years ago after doing extensive research on all the top filters, and went with this one (great reviews and Costco lets you return anything!) My husbands allergies were SO bad! They are 1,000x better. Hands down it was this. We keep it in our bedroom and run it on the 2nd speed–can’t even hear it! I buy my replacement filters from Costco because the price is cheapest there. We don’t smoke. We had mold and construction in our house (drywall dust everywhere for weeks!) and this thing is amazing! I know it sounds stupid because its a fan with a filter, but somehow it IS better than the others! My husbands horrible allergies are proof! Costco has coupons frequently on these in their monthly coupon books, so if you miss it here, keep an eye out for a coupon.

I have tried several brands since the late 70s - found the Blueair with Smokestop filters to be the most effective for us. I live the woods and my house has always been dusty. We are a multi pet family and some of us have allergies and asthma (yup not the ideal!). Prior to using Blueair, I had to dust a couple times a week, since using Blueair, dusting is down to once a month; pet dander/odor is kept in check; and there is a noticeable decrease in allergy and asthma symptoms. The units are on the bigger side but are quiet. For my house, I found the Smokestop filters work better than the Particle filters. I use the 450E & the 650E units throughout my house and run them 24/7. You can get a lot of information about the product & sq ft coverage on their website:

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I have three Blueair units in my home. One in each bedroom. The first unit I purchased has all the fancy stuff like remote and adjusts to the air quality. In all honesty it’s nice to have but I never use the remote and I mostly just leave the unit on speed setting 1. They are quiet but if you want some nice White Noise to sleep you can turn it up to 3. The other two units I have are the basic type that has a dial on the side that has an off with high, med and low fan setting. The filter is the same. They are just as effective but considerably cheaper:

Filter last 6 months I believe and are around 100 each with the Charcoal filter option. They do help with allergies and are very well made.

So what I understand from the pictures if I buy this thing its going to be in the way; in the way to the outside door, in the way to the closet in the way walking around the kitchen?

I wonder, if the life of owning one of these how many times will I stub my toe on it?

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