BlueAnt Embrace Stereo Headphones

Nice review at CNET.

I have these - paid much more about a year ago. After about 20 minutes, they start hurting my ears. After 1 hour they are so uncomfortable, I have to take them off. Everyone’s ears are different, so you might get a better fit.

It took me a minute but I finally got the Gauntlet reference.

I have these. I recently upgraded them to Bose QC25. They may not be as good as the Bose (when the noise cancelling is on) but they are pretty friggen awesome otherwise.

They do a decent job muffling out the outside noise and their sound is probably the best you are going to get for this price or even around $50-$60. I bought mine for $75 (a couple years ago) and was completely happy with them for years. Friends who would use them were also blown away by how good they sounded. Definitely a diamond in the rough. I’d still use them if it wasn’t for needing noise cancelling for 24 hour flights.

As for comfort, your ears get used to them. The first few times you might only be able to wear them for an hour but the ear pads are still pretty comfy. After a few sessions I was able to wear mine all day, at work.

I’m no audiophile but I thought they sounded great.

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