BlueAnt PUMP Waterproof Bluetooth Sportbuds

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BlueAnt PUMP Waterproof Bluetooth Sportbuds
Price: $69.99
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Check out this “good” review over at cnet and check out the product page

A more fluid BlueAnt Page

in the interest of keeping alive old-skewl woot engagement, i’m going to tell you: i HATE THESE.

that said, they may be a great match for some folks.

but what i’ve found is they don’t fit my teeny ears very well, and they don’t create that noise-reducing “seal” that i prefer.

i actually bought separate double-flange tips that have helped the fit some, but a secondary issue is that the connection between the cable and the right “sportbud” is already weakening such that noise cuts out.

i’ve had them for about two months. i have yet to work out with them.

so. they’ve been a source of disappointment for me, but YMMV. i will say, a male person in my life with a larger head seems quite happy with them.

however, if you have leetler ears and you don’t mind wires, i recommend the klipsch buds that we offer pretty frequently as a strong alternative. they’ve been great for me.

For what it is worth, those of you that receive the Fry’s Electronics emails, they have this same product on sale for the same price for the next couple of days (you need the promo code in the email sent to you for the sale price).

It might be easier for locals (Dallas, TX area) to buy them at Fry’s to check them out to see if they work for you.

But can you fully immerse these in water, a la swimming?

Yes and no.

Yes: the unit seals well and can be fully immersed without issue.

No: Bluetooth doesn’t transmit underwater.

So, you can swim with your head above water, or shower in them. I think the draw is more to be sweat proof than anything else.

I got a pair for Christmas and they are great for workouts, running, walking the dog and not getting tangled in the leash. Sound quality is good (not great) but they are comfortable, and I tend to hate earbuds. I would recommend them.

I bought a set of these last time they were up. Sound is decent, BUT not as good as the sennheiser MM-100 that have been my favorite for years.

Even though I dont care for earbuds, longer term comfort on these is OK, though the block behind-the-ear pushes my ears out so they look like air scoops - vs the “Princess Leia” effect of the MM-100. The blocks also look a little bit like hearing aids once in place.

They effectively block out exterior noise, but I need to hear traffic. I noticed one song with heavy bass sounded odd, rattly/buzzy, unless I pushed the earbuds against my ears at just the right angle - but they don’t stay there.

The same buttons are used for volume and track select, so you have to press and hold to change tracks, which is slower than I am used to.

So, way better than other headphones Inhave tired from here (Pyle etc) but I am back to my MM-100’s, which have recently been sold on here a few times.

I checked the reviews on these at Amazon. They are $69.95 (black color) plus they have Prime.

You must mean the Klipsch S4i Ruggeds… they’re awesome.

I bought a pair of these on Amazon last fall. LOVE!!! I also own a pair of Bluebuds X - which are pretty cool, but I love these a lot more. Not because of the waterproof thing - because I have never even worn them outside of my office - but because they pair readily with my iPhone and iPad (I always have to delete the bluebuds before the iPhone will recognize them a second time. The behind-the-ear design keeps them from falling out all the time, but not being connected by a hard bar prevents them from crushing your skull like Motorola bluetooth headphones do.