Bluesmart One - Smart Luggage

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Bluesmart One - Smart Luggage
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Many of those reviews mention how small it is only to gloss over it with a quick “I’ll learn to pack better!” :roll_eyes:

So when traveling internationally, China and Japan last month, I had to remove the LiOn cells for inspection of capacity. Does the battery remove? I’d hate to have my bag taken away like my favorite pocketknife was last year by security. I wouldn’t be worried about TSA as they might understand what it is, but langaunge barriers might not do so well. Also is it rated for cabin only, so you cannot ever check it with today’s rules? That would be convenient to tell the stewardesses, when the overhead bins are full.

Huh, I went to Japan at the beginning of April and I didn’t have to do anything like that for my carry-on. A lot of my batteries are non-removable so I’m glad I didn’t have to deal with that.

China will definitely get up in your grill if you have batteries in a checked bag. Similar bags have removable batteries, but in this case (pun intended) that GPS isn’t going to work.

The list of features reminded me of this scene:

I have one of these (from their kickstarter, or indiegogo, or whatever it was - I can’t remember), and I both love it and hate it.

Good qualities:

  1. Bluetooth activated lock for when I need to leave my valuables in a check room for the day.
  2. Charging port for my iPhone/iPad/etc.
  3. Nice organization of front flap pocket for quick access to things I use on a flight.
  4. Theoretically, ability to locate bag if it is stolen.

Bad qualities:

  1. Need to remember to keep it charged to use the lock or the charging port. I usually toss my luggage in a closet where there isn’t a plug, and even after charging this thing up on a trip, the charge depletes over time.
  2. As others have said, this thing has a small capacity, both in the main compartment, and in the front flap compartment. My lightweight laptop can fit in there just fine; my main laptop (15" diag) is simply too big.
  3. The app can be kind of fritzy. I’ve never had it fail, but I sometimes need to close it and restart it.


Here’s the rub - the tracking functionality is almost irrelevant, given that it is carryon sized and will most often be traveling with you. You want that GPS-cell tracking with bags that will be checked - so you know where they are should you become separated from them. That’s far less likely with something you have carried onto the plane with you. Also - the built in charger seems like a nice function, but that bag will be in an overhead on a plan and in a baggage compartment on a bus - inaccessible when you often need charge. Better to carry a separate charger.

Hi my name is Martin and I am from the Bluesmart customer experience team. We would like to thank you for your feedback, it is very important for us. We learn from every suggestion from our customers and yours will certainly help us grow. Best Regards, Martin

Hi, Nicole from the Bluesmart customer experience team here. We’re glad to hear you like it. Cheers!

Hi alexcamp85, we’re glad you brought this up! We have done our due diligence making sure that the suitcase complies with travel industry standards around the world. Bluesmart uses a 37 Watts lithium ion battery, which is well within the FAA regulations on batteries. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) follows the same rules under the FAA. If you were to be questioned in China or Japan, all of our cases come with a Battery Specifications sticker on the bottom. The battery cannot be removed, but is well within flight standards.

Regarding checking in your smart luggage, this would depend specifically on each airline’s limitations. We hope this helps!

Nicole (Bluesmart Customer Experience Team)

Hi Airkat We love your positive attitude! Smart luggage=Smart thinking. Best, Bluesmart Customer Experience Team.

Does this ACTUALLY have GPS? Or does it just show on a map based on my phone’s GPS when last connected via bluetooth? IE- If it walks away from me (and my phone) in an airport, gets in a car or on a plane to another city where i’m not, will the new location show up on my phone?

Hi Hyperite, Our suitcase is equipped with its very own 3G+GPS module. Through Telefonica’s network and Smart m2m Solution, Bluesmart has the possibility to track the location of their smart suitcases anywhere in the world where Telefonica has coverage.You will be able to get this location even if you are not connected via Bluetooth, as the 3G+GPS module operates independently of Bluetooth.
Although your luggage does go into sleep mode, the GPS is constantly emitting a signal. Should you ever need to track your luggage, you can always find it via the location feature in our app. Your location updates every 30 minutes while in motion.For instance, it should show its new location updated after 30 min. if you walk away from it.
Best Regards, Martin (Bluesmart Customer Experience Team)

Thanks for the reply. I actually have one of these suitcases. Got it as a gift, but never got around to testing it out until I saw it here. A few hours ago, I just drove the suitcase to my office ~20 miles away (left my phone at home), and it showed that it was still approximately near my phone (huge radius), and updated over an hour ago (when it got disconnected from the phone). When my coworker brought it back, it happily paired up via bluetooth and refreshed its location update time. Not sure what to take away from that, but it definitely doesn’t seem to be updating every 30 minutes. One thing to note, the battery was dead at the onset of this test, so I had it charging from an external battery the entire time. Not sure if that disables the update frequency. If so, now I know how to steal one and avoid detection!

China darn sure can ship out everything else in the world… Coming inbound is a different story however.