Bluetech Rechargeable Battery Charger with USB Port

Is this a Rechargeable Battery Charger or a Rechargeable, Rechargeable Battery Charger?

Does not include batteries. You can charge Nickel-chemistry AA and AAA batteries with it, however. It will recharge an additional device via USB, but it has to be plugged in to do that; you can’t recharge via USB from batteries in the charging bays.

This looks an awful lot like Coincidence? Is this a rebranded La Crosse?

It has more features then the La Crosse model.

Such as? The USB port and the 1000 mA charging rate?

LaCrosse chargers are considered the go to standard for chargers. Too often I see Woot charge more here than what the same or a comparable item costs at the mother site (Amazon). I don’t get it.

Sure looks like the La Crosse. Which, by the way, is infamous for it’s failure after a period of time due to corrosion. This YouTube video shows an example, similar to what happened to mine:

I went with an Opus as a replacement and it has been flawless:

I can vouch for this issue. My batteries lasted longer than this thing. I would pay more for something more reliable.

That’s why if you purchase the bluetech you won’t have the issue.

It is a battery charger. That looks exactly like me La Crosse Tech BC-9009 charger which I’ve had for several years and is a very good charger.