Bluetooth 4.0 LED Lighting Strip

Ordered these last time I saw them on Woot. Be warned the software isn’t great. The version I had was very unstable and crashed frequently.

I was expecting to be able to program the strip lights for Halloween to turn on and off at certain times of day, but the signal has to be from the phone. The strip light mechanism has no internal programming.

I was hoping to be able to set up a strobe effect, or maybe cycle through select colors. Unfortunately your only color cycling options are the full rainbow.

I settled on doing a solid green color that had to remain on 24/7. If you unpower the strip, it defaults to white.

Will not be purchasing any other lights with this software.

Thanks for feedback. Almost purchased and would have been let down.

I’m curious… the video says that you can use them in your boat… where there is plenty of moisture preaent… but the instructions read for indoor use only and don’t use where moisture is present???.. so which is it?.. I was thinking of using these outside around the screened in enclosure around my pool?.. also… I live in florida where the sun can be pretty harsh on things outdoors… what’s the effect of sun exposure on these things??.. u may have them on sale but they still aren’t cheap enough that I’d be willing to take a chance on a few sets of these without knowing for sure where I can use them… thanks