Bluetooth 4.0 LED Smart Bulbs - Your Choice

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Bluetooth 4.0 LED Smart Bulbs - Your Choice
Price: $28.99 - 76.99
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Do these work with wink?

I owned the TL-800 for a while before I decided to sell it.
These do not work with wink.
As far as I can tell, these use a proprietary BLE protocol. I couldn’t reverse engineer it, but I also didn’t try for more than an hour with a BLE sniffer.
To the best of my knowledge, these are only compatible with the tabu smart phone apps, which make them pretty limited in scope. With my iphone5s, I was only able to get it to pair with the actual bulb 50% of the time reliably, which is quite frustrating when all you want to do is dim/turn off the lights. Occasionally the only way to get the BLE link to work was the physically cycle the power on the bulb.
Timer and proximity detection functions do not work at all. Party mode is fun though.

Doesn’t require Wink, simply use Bluetooth, download Lumen App (free) to your device & control your bulbs really easily. I have the Strip x 2 which I love, going to get the Sphere for patio.

I for one would like a quite night at home and add atmospheric light too.

The preview image for the LuMini and the LuMini three back seem to have different thread bases. The three back seems to have the more narrow ‘chandelier’ base while the single bulb image appears to be the standard bulb base. Any chance of clarification on the threading?

“Party Modes 1 and 2 - Transform your living spaces and bring them alive with synchronized music and lightening

Zeus would like to have a word with you

That word from Zeus would be “lightning” instead of “lightening.”

Nearly $30 for a single bulb?

I had trouble justifying my switch from 13 watt CFL to lower watt (and safer) LEDs which cost almost $5 per.

This seems like a “I need to have the best and brightest new thing” type product.

Is the novelty of the product cool? Yes. Would I be willing to spend (at least) $30 a pop on it? Um…no.

This is a thing?


I cannot find the app in the Google play store and the link from the company website is not working for me. I’ve tried searching for “Tabu”, “Tabu Lumen”, and “Lumen”. Any ideas on how to find the Android app?

Do we know how many watts these things operate at? I have a bunch of the cheap 5w ones with their own remote, and they’re not bright enough to light a larger room very well. I’d want 9w minimum and even that might be too low for my two-story foyer.

Also, I’d assume they remember their last setting when power-cycled? I’d love confirmation on that as well. I wouldn’t use the app day-to-day but just to change colors and I’d want them to retain the color I set them to when my home automation system cuts power to them.

Search “Tabu Lumen”

Don’t even bother buying these lights. I had previously purchased the whole set, (Strips, Bulbs) and downloaded the app to find that the app does not WORK as intended. Worst part is that the developers of the App have not fixed the issues for MONTHS. Totally not worth it. Don’t believe me? Read the comments:

These are not worth the price or the pain I have dealt with these before, if you want something like this, that actually works and is constantly improved get the phillips hue family…
you wont go wrong with those.

Still doesn’t find it… even in quotation marks. I have a Sony Tablet S1 with Android 4.0.3.

I would have been interested in this but I guess I’ll pass…

Also, the single pack of the mini shows a candelabra base but the photo of three bulbs shows a standard e26 base. Whats being sold, a candelabra or e26?

Thanks for the tip! Those reviews are a deal killer!

The link on their website worked fine for me. It took me to Google Play for the Tabu Lumen app and I chose to install it on my Galaxy S5.