Bluetooth 4.1 FM Transmitter Handsfree Car Kit

I got this guy for my work truck about a year ago. Works great. I bought another on amazon for another vehicle and I like this one better. It’s easy to pause or skip tracks. Very simple to use.

Does anyone know…
Do you have to be streaming music in order to pick up a phone call? Or can you be listening to the radio and have it notify you about a call?

Does anyone have a link or suggestion for a/the companion app? The android app linked in the QR code in the manual is a dead end. Thanks.

Edit: Found it by following the iTunes link, to get the app name. Search “SmartBC” in the play store.

$19.99 with free Prime Shipping on the mothership.

I’d like to know if you can answer a phone call hands-free without streaming music or listening to the radio. I don’t want to take even one hand off the wheel when I’m driving so right now I just ignore phone calls until I can stop somewhere.

Per the vendor: "You have to be streaming music in order to pick up a phone call.

For the car audio system to pick up the ringtone, the Bluetooth fm transmitter needs to tune to the same radio station (local empty station). If there are the different radio frequencies, the car audio system will not receive the audio from the phone. Instead, it only picks up the signal the radio station.”