Bluetooth Classic Retro Style Turntable

Bluetooth Classic Retro Style Turntable
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Oh how the tables have turned.

Now it’s just being cruel. The only ones up at this time of night are the Gen X and millennials. And they had no clue what an LP is

what will the time to first woot be on this one

Not tonight! To be continued on the next week off.


No way my dude. Vinyl sales are up to record highs.

Gen X here. An LP means Long Play, but if that and EP ever meant anything other than 33 RPM whatever that full size record was, I’ve no idea. Anybody worth their salt never lost sight of how the industry controls it, and anyone saying, “when does the CD drop?” was an absolute tool. Recording off the radio (which they still guard against, 30 years after anyone did that) by stepping onto the intro, is why radio should be dead.

Thus concludes the drunken meandering rant of a middle-aged man, proving that I am in fact, Gen X.

Edit: Forgot to add the word drunken, but perhaps it was clear. I only inserted it once, but I could have opened with it as well.

I’m tired