Bluetooth Devices & Speaker Docks

I bought 2 of the SoundPops last time they had them and I abosloutely love them! I’ve owned many mini speakers over the years (I’m being serious here) and this one is easily the best. It’s still on its first charge and it’s already been a week or two. Get one! You won’t regret it!

I bought the Westinghouse UM100GY UNPLUG from Woot! this summer. It worked great until it broke after two weeks of use. The USB port that you use to charge the device fell off.

Look at the Amazon review and you will see this is a common issue. Avoid the UNPLUG!

I bought two. Top volume is too low to hear. I will not be using mine – waste of money in my opinion.

Although I have not really tested the battery life of the Craig speaker while using it as a Bluetooth speaker, as a wired external speaker on my laptop, it is great! I have to turn the volume down while watching YouTube videos! I have used it on Bluetooth for short periods of time and have had no trouble with it. Also, when I do need to charge it, I do it through my laptop USB port and it is usually charged in 2 hours or less.

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I think I’m going to have to buy one of those pOp speakers or that Craig speaker.

I recently got a G-17 here, and I really like it. Very nice. It’s discontinued, which is why it’s here, but it’s better than almost any option out there today!

Just got my Creative Labs D200. Unfortunately, the two-piece power adapter would not snap together no matter how hard I try or how hard I press on the plug release button.

Going to have to get in touch with Creative to remedy this situation, it looks like.

Sorry for the problem. If you find there’s some magical trick, would you please come back and share for the others?

Just got a response from Creative Labs. They’re passing the buck. Though clearly a two-piece power adapter which will not assemble is a manufacturing defect, their position is that it’s the responsibility of my retailer to correct. Otherwise I need to PURCHASE a replacement from them.

Seriously??? A replacement “regional plug” is all they need to send. It probably costs all of a dollar. Are they really willing to lose a customer over a $1 part?

Arrived and worked like a charm. Battery lasts a long time and loving the distance that it works (30+’).

I figured out the problem. The “regional plug” that’s supposed to snap onto the transformer had removable plastic plug inside the clasp mechanism. Why this plug was there, I don’t know, but it kept the regional plug from snapping onto the transformer. I eventually realized the plug blocking the clasp mechanism could be removed. Without that removable plug in there, it all snaps together just fine.

Very bizarre!