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I have two of the Creative Labs speakers. One has died and is being returned to Creative. The other has been flawless.
They sound really good for the size with more bass that I was expecting from a compact speaker.
I’m buying another one for the garage.

Bluetooth speakerphone - Some people hate it, some love it. This one with differnt branding (but same look and model number) is $2 less than Woot’s deal if you consider free shipping, and is returnable.

Xtreme Cables 51901 Bluetooth Wireless Music Receiver- see groupon link for a better deal.

I miss Bluetooth the Pirate.

Here, you can get your fix of Wootcasts from the past here:

Wootcasts from the Past

Does anyone own one of the Craig CHT909BT Craig Bluetooth Tower Speaker System with FM Radio??
I want to get one just for the bedroom. I am curious about the sound quality and overall satisfaction of the product. Thanks for any help! :slight_smile:
Edit: so I read some reviews and apparently its not that great. I was thinking I’d get it and just replace the speakers with better quality ones, I dunno maybe I will just buy a higher quality tower speaker. Ya, I’ll probably just do that. Ok ya, so nevermind this was a waste. Have a good weekend WOOTERS!!

I have one of the Creative bluetooth speakers, and it’s awesome. It really thumps for such a small unit. Grabbing an extra just because.

Question regarding the Magellan AP0300SGXXX GPS Receiver/Holder:

I have an old iPhone 4 that I have since replaced with a 5. I have been using it (the 4) as a Bluetooth MP3 player in my vehicle bc the cellular service has been transferred to my new phone (essentially using an old iPhone 4 as an iPod particularly for the BT functionality to my headunit). so my question is this;

Will this “GPS Receiver” work with the phone even though cellular services are disabled???

Please answer my question bc I would really love to keep the disconnected phone as my primary car bluetooth MP3 player and hopefully for GPS navigation using Google Maps or any other app that will work…

Thanks very much in advance for any insight on the purpose I would love to use this old “phone” for!!! It will help me immensely, as I really do not want to have to constantly pair and un-pair the iPhone 5 to the HU just to use GPS functionality. You know what I’m talking about hopefully :wink:

Thanks again!!!


Weird, WOOT seems to re-word my post as they please. In the last paragraph I am saying basically that I d0-n0t-want to have to constantly pair and un-pair my primary phone just for GPS usage.

That is all, BTW zeros were the only way I could get my message to post properly. WOOT, you sure are odd on your auto-editing features…


Dear Paul,
Hahahah yeah…that’s our word filter in action. It doesn’t like the phrase “do not want” hahah :slight_smile:

Anywho…I don’t mind forwarding on, investigating and finding an answer to your inquiry but I have a question to ask first:

I understand that you enjoy using your iPhone 4 as an MP3 Player (basically as an iPod touch) but how do you suspect you will have GPS functionality if your phone is not activated and using a cellular service? If it’s my understanding, you shouldn’t have GPS services on standalone iPhone/iTouch devices.

This article might be able to help you out a little:
iPod/iPhone GPS Options


Ordered on Friday, received it on Saturday, 1 day shipping? Total shock. I ordered the creative lab speaker, paired easily, sounds good for its size, I’d recommend it.

Right, your question is basically my question LOL… I don’t suspect to have GPS functionality on the phone, being that it isn’t hooked up to any cellular service.

BUT the product is advertised as a “GPS Receiver”, so essentially I’m wondering if the holder/receiver will give me that functionality back?

I will certainly hit the BUY button if so!

Pls let me know if you find out any additional info…

Thanks so much for your help!!!


I forwarded your post along to Woot Staff and they’ve informed me that you do NEED cellular service for the GPS functionality to work.
Very sorry!
I hope this information helps you out :smiley:


That doesn’t sound right.

The write up says its compatible with an iPod touch that can never have service so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work wiith a neutered iPhone as well.

At the risk of sounding like a smarty pants here is what I think happens. This device takes over the GPS duties and is probably better than the built in GPS receiver in the iPhone. Now, since you don’t have data service unless you brought a hotspot with you or drive real close to your local Starbucks all the time the built in maps program on the iPhone won’t work. It doesn’t cache data offline. This means you need one of the other third party mapping programs that are available from Magellan, navigon, etc because they do exactly that and cache all the map data onto the device so if all the gps receiver knows is your current longitude and latitude then thats all it needs. and once you get one of those, then you will have a functioning GPS just like you always wanted.

Hey, something I can help with :slight_smile: I bought one of these gps receivers last time they were up on woot and can say that they do in fact work with Ipod touches, and to address the question about a gps on ipods/iphones from my experience they ipod touch (4th gen anyway) does have some sort of gps because when I access my app for gps (it has all the data downloaded) before connecting to the receiver I get what the app calls “bad gps” which basically means it knows were you are but cant give you your speed or precise position on the road.

TL:DR Yes it works without data (or at least it does with my ipod touch)

Which GPS app are you using with this if you don’t mind me asking?


Right now I am trying both Nav Free USA and CoPilot GPS. they both do the job but copilot seems to be a bit more accurate. Both are free.