Bluetooth Devices

The description says this can be a speakerphone. Does it have a microphone? its not in the specs.

Which item are you referring to?

how well does the bluetooth visor speaker work? I’ve seen them on sale here and now I’m in the market for something like this.

Yes, the soundpop has a small microphone built in. It’s located on one of the “sides” close to the top of the speaker.

Mini-jack RX Bluetooth Music Receiver: 4 stars with lots of reviews and cheaper at Amazon due to free shipping. Link

I consider myself to be a bit of an audio snob with Harman Kardon headphones, Bose in the car and SVSound at home, but I was incredibly surprised by the quality from the SoundPop. I picked up 3 last week off Sellout, got them today and the quality really is awesome. Being water resistant opens up some options where I’d be worried about a $500 smartphone, but less so for a rechargeable, sub-$20 speaker. If you’re hesitating due to the low price, just jump on it. For $20, its a no-brainer.